Oculus Announces ‘Henry’ Its Second Virtual Reality Movie

Oculus Story Studio Henry Movie Film

Earlier this year, Oculus announced the launch of their in-house production arm, Oculus Story Studio, to inspire and educate virtual reality creators and filmmakers around the world. Story Studio, which is led by former Pixar Animation Studio vets, previewed their first film “Lost” at Sundance Film Festival to much acclaim.

Today, Oculus Story Studio teased us with their second VR experience to be released later this year called “Henry”, a heartwarming comedy about a lovable hedgehog. Henry the hedgehog longs for friendship but scares away other animals with his spikiness.


Henry is directed by Ramiro Lopez Dau who has completed animation on films such as Pixar’s Brave and Monsters University. Other notable animators involvedin the production of Henry include Kendal Cronkhite and Bernhard Haux who have previously worked for Dreamworks and Pixar, respectively.

The film is set to premiere on July 28th in Hollywood, CA. From the looks of the teaser, we couldn’t be more excited to see the final movie. As Edward Saatchi a Producer at Oculus Story Studio puts it, “we wanted to take a step back to make something that would delight audiences, would make kids laugh, and that would be something that showed how virtual reality can be a really fun mainstream art form.”

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