The Best Oculus Go Apps For A Memorable Holiday Weekend

Make the most of this year’s festivities with the most convenient VR headset on the market.

This year’s holiday festivities are just around the corner, which means so is the inevitable chaos of family gatherings, stressful last-minute shopping, and the seemingly endless amounts of cooking and baking. In all the holiday commotion, one can often lose track of what this season is truly about: family, friends, and shiny new tech.

If you’ve been around a television screen, billboard, or basically any other form of advertisement lately, then odds are you’ve come across an ad for the Oculus Go headset. Facebook is currently running a massive promotional campaign for their 3DoF stand-alone device, going so far as to enlist the help of big-name celebrities; from Jonah Hill and Adam Levine, to Leslie Jones and Aquafina. Hell, even Ellen DeGeneres got in on the action recently when she gave her entire studio audience a pair as part of her “Twelve Days of Giveaways” special.

At $200, the uber comfortable, all-in-one headset is an excellent gift not just for fans of immersive technology, but anyone obsessed with film, television, gaming, or music in general.

As the holidays approach, Oculus wants to be sure your Oculus Go headset is stacked with a line-up of apps perfect for the chaotic weekend. So whether you’re bringing your own headset to the party, or surprising a friend or family member with a kick-ass gift, be sure to check out their list of apps perfect for those looking to entertain guests, catch up with loved ones, or just straight-up relax:

Feel The Holiday Spirit

Try your hand at a handful of Christmas-themed VR experiences sure to put you in the holiday spirit. For some fast-paced action, check out Merry Snowballs, an arcade-style shooter that tasks you with taking out neighborhood hoodlums using a variety of snowball-based weaponry.

For a more light-hearted Christmas adventure, try Indago Christmas Fun. Players can participate in a variety of relaxing Christmas activities, such as decorating a tree, building a snowman, collecting presents, even creating winter itself!

A VRy Merry Experience takes things in a more atmospheric direction as you explore a magical environment through the eyes of Clause himself. The calming VR experience is made all the more memorable thanks to an impressive soundtrack featuring music from The Jackson Five, Mary J. Blige, Lady Gaga, One Republic, Gwen Stefani, and more!

Family Time No Matter The Distance

Those of you who find yourselves far from love ones this holiday season can still squeeze in some face-to-face time using Oculus Rooms. Play Boggle with your aunt, watch a movie with your niece, or simply have a chat with grandma as she describes in detail the various fruit cakes she’s baked for the family.

Escape To Your Own Living Room

While the kids may have laid claim to the big TV for a marathon of children’s Christmas specials, you can escape to your own 180-inch private theatre for some more mature holiday entertainment. Whether it’s Netflix, YouTube VR, Hulu, or Showtime, Oculus Go grants access to pretty much all your favorite movies and shows.

Now you can enjoy your annual viewing Die Hard right from grandma’s house!

Take Grandpa Around The World

Few things are more satisfying than introducing someone to VR for the first-time. That being said, why not blow the minds of a few of your family members with a virtual trip across the globe.

With National Geographic VR and Wander, you’ll have grandpa’s jaw on the floor as he travels through exotic jungles and across vast deserts, all from the comfort of his La-Z-Boy.

Calm Down!

Every family needs a break from each other once-and-awhile, that’s just part of being a family. So when the holiday party inevitably becomes a warzone, take a breather and escape to your own personal quiet place. Guided MeditationVR wisks you away to over 400 meditation spots, from exotic beaches and ancient ruins, to scerene rainforest waterfalls.

There’s also Calm Place, FlowVR Medititation, Spirit of Meditation and FloatGuru VR, so should have no trouble finding your zen.

Ditch That Holiday Weight

December 25th is the ultimate cheat day. Wide varieties of meats, desserts, and candy are guaranteed to add some poundage, so why not tackle that extra weight head-on with some sweat-inducing experiences?

Jam out to some sweet beats in Thumper, bring the heat to the pingpong table in Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR, strap on your skates in Storm Hockey, or hunt some ducks in, wait for it, Duck Hunter VR.


Of course there are plenty of other high-quality experiences featured throughout the Oculus Store, but for some guaranteed fun this holiday season, Oculus definitely recommends the experiences featured above.

What will you be playing this holiday season!?

Image Credit: Facebook Oculus

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