Oculus & Chloë Grace Moretz Serve Up A Six-Course VR Meal

Facebook’s Oculus teams up with actress Chloë Grace Moretz for an “omakase” dinner straight out of a science fiction novel.

On July 31st, a group of lucky guests gathered on the rooftop of Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel in NYC where they were treated to a six-course dinner unlike any they’ve experienced before.

Lead by the Oculus in-house team and hosted by outspoken VR advocate Chloë Grace Moretz, the unique dining experience involved coupling distinct VR experiences with specific real-world dishes and cocktails for a unique mixed reality meal.

“The event concept was inspired by a multi-course ‘omakase’-style menu to reflect the many different experiences available on Oculus Go, and to provide guests with a fully immersive taste of virtual reality,” spoke Brandon Boone, head of consumer communications at Oculus, in an interview with BizBash.

Upon being seated at the table, each guest at the event was presented with a unique tasting menu featuring a high-end dish prepared by French-American chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, as well as specially paired cocktail served by Happy Hour Agency.

Before guests were able to actually dig into their incredible meal, however, they were first placed in Oculus Go headsets to participate VR experiences specific to their particular meal.

For example, one patron was treated to the Black Eyed Peas VR adventure, Masters of the Sun, before diving into sesame-crusted salmon, passion fruit sauce, spinach, and black olives, coupled with a cocktail known as “The Fix,” which consists of vodka, cognac, passion fruit, egg white, blue curaçao, and bitters. The Fox Sports VR dish, on the other hand, included lemon gelee, creme fraiche, and caviar, combined with an “Ocu-lade,” a cocktail of habanero-infused tequila, mezcal, dried prickly ash, and lime served in a plastic bag (for real).

Another guest had to power through Hulu: The Handmaid’s Tale before enjoying parmesan-crusted chicken with lemon artichoke sauce, served with “Mother’s Milk Punch,” an aptly named beverage of clarified milk punch, rum, cognac, absinthe, cinnamon, and pineapple. There was also a feast surrounding Face Your Fears: Stranger Things. This came with sliced fluke sashimi, pickled cherry pepper, and sesame, served with a drink consisting of mezcal, sake, activated charcoal, coconut, and pistachio, also known as a “Break Your Fear” cocktail.

Patrons present at the event were treated to other custom dishes inspired by a variety of VR experiences, including Guided Meditation VR and MelodyVR: The Chainsmokers.

Image Credit: W Magazine / Oculus

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