Oculus Air Link Streams PCVR Games Wirelessly To Quest 2

Update v28 is an absolute game-changer with new features such as wireless Oculus Link functionality, updates to Infinite Office, and more.

Rolling out soon on Oculus Quest 2 headsets, Facebook’s v28 software update will introduce a variety of appealing updates, including the ability to wirelessly stream PCVR games and apps straight from your VR-ready PC.

Announced yesterday in an official Oculus blog post, the Oculus Air Link expands on the existing Oculus Link software introduced back in 2019. Those with a strong WiFi connection and a VR-ready PC will soon have the ability to stream high-quality PCVR games—such as Boneworks, Half-Life: Alyx, and Stormland—straight to their Quest 2 headsets. For the best results possible, Oculus recommends using a strong 5Ghz network on either an AC or AX router hardwired to your PC via an ethernet cable. It’s also recommended that your playspace is within 20 feet of your router.

Oculus Air Link will be rolling out soon to Quest 2 headsets in Experimental mode. You’ll need to update both your headset as well as the Oculus PC app to v28 before you can access the new feature in the ‘Beta’ section of your settings. If you ever want to go back to using the tried-and-true Link cable, you’ll need to deactivate Air Link in the Experimental panel on your headset.

It’ll be interesting to see how Oculus Air Link compares to existing wireless streaming solutions, such as Virtual Desktop.

Oculus Air Link wasn’t the only announcement of the day, however. Oculus also provided several updates to its long-awaited Infinite Office platform. Originally revealed during Facebook Connect back in September of last year, this unique VR work solution utilizes Quest’s passthrough cameras to create a “mixed reality” workspace complete with virtual monitors and other useful tools. Now it appears as though you’ll have the ability to bring your entire desk into VR, further enhancing your comfort and productivity.

It doesn’t end there, however. Thanks to a partnership with Logitech, those with a Logitech K830 keyboard will also soon have the ability to import their physical keyboard into their virtual workspace, opening new doors for text entry in VR. Users will be able to view 3D representations of both their real-world keyboard and their hands as they type. For the best results, Oculus recommends placing the keyboard on a flat, lightly-colored surface. Support for additional keyboards is currently in the works.

Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus

Wrapping up the update was the reveal of upcoming native support for 120Hz display refresh rate on the Oculus Quest 2. According to Oculus, developers will soon have the option to ship their games and apps with a buttery smooth refresh rate, though not every experience will feature support. You can enable support for 120Hz games and apps via the Experimental panel in your Quest 2 headset when support launches as part of a future update.

For more information on these latest announcements, check out the official blog post here.

Feature Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus

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