This Social AR App Turns You Into A Walking Social Media Profile

Create an AR belt of your favorite music and videos in this “people-powered” social platform. 

Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or one of the many other popular social networks currently demanding the attention of billions of users, our online identities are becoming an increasingly influential part of our everyday lives.

Despite the connectivity offered by social media, however, many of these platforms can actually encourage isolation by removing the need for in-person social interactions. This is where Octi comes in.

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Available now on iOS, Octi is a new social platform that uses augmented reality technology to basically turn you into a walking talking social media profile. Here’s how it works:

After downloading the Octi app from the iOS Store and setting up a profile, aim your smartphone camera at a fellow Octi user. If they have their own public profile setup, you should be given the option to send them a friend request. The developers say the platform is powered by a “neural network on the edge”; the facial recognition process is done on the device itself as opposed to having images uploaded to the cloud. This allows for lightning-fast friend results in a more private manner. 

Image Credit: Octi

Once the user accepts your request, an interactive “AR belt” will appear around their waste featuring a variety of personalized content. Much like an old school Myspace profile, you can customize your Octi AR belt with your favorite media from across a variety of social platforms. Tag your most-listened-to Spotify songs, add links to a new YouTube video you’ve been obsessed with, post your favorite pics from your latest vacation. Friends can even contribute to your profile by sharing new content and adding additional “buckles” to your AR belt. 

The Octi app can also be used to view profiles remotely; of course, the real magic comes from live interactions. In addition to the belt, friends can also apply different AR effects and stickers to their Octi friends, such as various hats and text, in real-time.   

Image Credit: Octi

Moving forward, Octi hopes to expand its social network with a catalog of user-created apps and games. “There’s endless opportunity for games and other fun things you can do,” said co-founder and CEO Justin Fuisz while speaking to TechCrunch. The platform has already managed to raise roughly $12M in funding from Anheuser-Busch InBev, Day One Ventures, Human Ventures, I2BF, Live Nation, Scott Belsky and Josh Kushner, and Tom Conrad. 

The Octi app is available for download free on iOS with an official Android release scheduled for later this year.

Feature Image Credit: Octi

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