‘OceanCraft’ Brings Aquatic Survival Co-Op To Oculus Quest

Try the free demo available free via SideQuest.

The Oculus Quest platform is in desperate need of some quality survival crafting games. Developed by FlodLab, OceanCraft aims to rectify this issue, providing Quest and Quest 2 owners with a highly addictive cooperative survival crafting adventure set in the middle of the Dead Sea. Here, you’ll use a variety of tools to collect valuable items floating adrift, allowing you to craft additional upgrades, and expand your life raft.

Those familiar with the 2018 PC game Raft will feel right at home with OceanCraft. Each game starts you off on a standard life raft with a homemade grappling hook. This specialized device, made of a blowdryer and several dining utensils, allows you to collect random debris floating past your wooden home.

This includes wood planks, fuel canisters, rope, delicious veggies, and other useful items. Collecting these ingredients allows you to craft new tools, like the fishing rod and hook, as well as expansions for your life raft, such as additional floating platforms, walls, and ceilings.

As you collect items and craft upgrades you’ll need to properly manage your hunger and thirst. Items like the fishing rod and vegetable boxes allow you to fish and harvest food, which can then be thrown on the grill to cook up more effective meals. Meanwhile, the water purifier will provide you with a steady stream of drinkable water.

Image Credit: FrodLabs

At the moment FlodLab is offering a free one-hour demo of OceanCraft, including the ability to save your games and voice chat with other players.

According to the developer, this demo will be followed shortly by a release on the App Lab platform, allowing those unable to sideload content the chance to go hands-on with this charming survival crafting experience ahead of release.

Feature Image Credit: FrodLab

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