OC6: Oculus Link Allows Users To Play Rift Games On Quest

Oculus Rift compatibility and several Oculus Go games are heading to Quest. 

Oculus Connect is all about the Quest this year as Facebook continues its reveal of numerous standalone announcements. One such surprise, the Oculus Link, is sure to increase the value of the Quest even further by allowing players to play their PC-powered Oculus Rift games on the standalone headset.

While various third-party services such as Riftcat and ALVR have allowed players to stream their Rift content for some time now, the Oculus Link presents the first official solution for accessing games on the Rift platform. The transition should be a seamless one, as the Rift S and Quest are operated with physically-identical Touch controllers. 

Players will still need a VR-ready gaming PC in order to run the Rift content, which they will connect to their Quest headset via a USB-C cable. Facebook states that there are various cables compatible with Oculus Link, though the company will be shipping its own dedicated cable as well. The Oculus Link feature is scheduled to ship this November. 

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The company also revealed that several popular Oculus Go games will soon be available on the Oculus Quest. While no specific titles were mentioned, popular rhythm game Thumper was used as an example during the presentation. Users who have already purchased these compatible apps on Go will be able to upgrade them to their Quests for free until the end of the year. These titles are expected to arrive September 26th, otherwise known as tomorrow.

It’ll be interesting to see how Oculus chooses to port these apps to the Quest. Whereas both the Oculus Go and its single controller only feature 3DoF movement, the Oculus Quest and its dual Touch controllers are capable of 6DoF, offering a greater range of freedom. Hopefully, these Go titles will be upgraded to accompany these features.

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