OC6: Social VR World Facebook Horizon Coming To Quest & Rift Next Year

Facebook’s attempt at a VR metaverse is all about building your own experience.

It appears as though the rumors regarding a new VR social space from Facebook were true, as the company today unveiled Facebook Horizon, a new social VR world that allows Oculus Quest and Rift/Rift S users to meet and mingle in a virtual space, play games, and even create their own experiences. 

Each player begins the experience by designing their own personal avatar using a variety of face and body options. They’ll then enter the world via the town square, a starting hub where they can become better acquainted with the experience and chat with other players. From the square, the experience expands into a massive, drawling world where players can join events and participate in activities, as well as create their own. One activity showed during the announcement was Wingstrikers, a competitive multiplayer aerial game that has players controlling their aircraft with their hand as if it were a toy.

Image Credit: Facebook

“But that’s just the beginning,” states Oculus in an official blog post. “People will also jump into various other Horizon worlds, built using the World Builder, a collection of easy-to-use creator tools. Everyone will have the power to build new worlds and activities, from tropical hangout spots to interactive action arenas, all from scratch—no previous coding experience needed.”

“Whether people choose to build, play, or simply hang out, Horizon will ensure a welcoming environment through new safety tools and human guides—Horizon Locals—to answer questions and provide assistance, if needed.”

Image Credit: Facebook

Launching in 2020, Facebook Horizon will serve as a replacement for both Facebook Spaces and Oculus Rooms which will be shutting down beginning October 25th. It’s clear that Facebook is aiming for a more centralized social experience with Horizon, one that will lean heavily on not only the company itself, but user-generated content as well. 

A beta has been confirmed for early 2020, with all OC6 attendees being guaranteed immediate access. Sign-ups for the program can be found here.

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