The New York Times’ Famous Crossword Puzzle Now Available In AR

NYT’s Shattered Crosswords can be accessed via the Effects tab of its Instagram account.

Puzzler fans rejoice. The beloved New York Times crossword puzzle is now available in AR, offering fans of the long-running daily puzzle the chance to test their word skills in a whole new way.

To access the AR-enhanced puzzle, head to the New York Times’ official Instagram account and look for Shattered Crosswords in the Effects tab of the carousel. From there you simply need to select a flat surface in which to place your digital crossword. Once selected a small floating crossword will appear within your real-world environment. This is where things get interesting.

Above your miniature crossword floats a scattered web of playable letters. In order to progress through each puzzle you’ll need to align letters to form words by physically moving throughout your environment. This AR-enhanced rendition features a considerable amount of physicality compared to your average crossword as you move about your environment to create new words; a fun twist or frustrating gimmick depending on your preferences.

The New York Times is no stranger to AR. The world renown news publication has experimented with immersive technology on numerous occasions. This includes an AR schematic breaking down the 2018 Thailand Cave Rescue, a holographic experience featuring Ashley Graham, and a 360-degree series spotlighting Hollywood’s best actors just to name a few.

You can check out New York Times’ Shattered Crosswords via the companies official Instagram account in the Effects tab.

Image Credit: The New York Times

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