NuEyes & Samsung Creating An AR Solution For Healthcare

NuEyes’s lightweight AR glasses, when combined with a compatible Samsung device, can be used in a variety of medical situations.

NuEyes Technologies and Samsung have announced a partnership that could change patient healthcare forever. The two companies are using augmented reality (AR) technology to give medical professionals access to live videos and remote specialists as well as the ability to pull up images and documents in real-time.

The NuEyes PRO series AR smart glasses, when tethered to a Samsung 5G Galaxy S Series mobile phone or tablet, allows professional in the medical industry to access life-saving information via an OLED display with a generous 52-degree field-of-view. The companies state that the glasses are comfortable enough to be used for common healthcare functions such as ultrasound imaging, remote medicine, and on-the-job support training in any hospital, university, or out in the field. 

Thanks to its hands-free approach, the combination of the two devices will keep doctors and physicians connected as they perform day-to-day medical tasks. The technology could also play a huge role in how paramedics respond to an emergency situation, allowing them to communicate with hospitals and ER doctors through AR. The glasses already feature customizable hand gestures through Manomotion.

In an official press release, Mark Greget, founder and CEO of NuEyes Technologies, Inc, said, “At NuEyes we are focused on delivering solutions that enhance patient care, whether that is through our low vision solutions or with a medical practitioner delivering care.” Greget continues, “Partnering with Samsung Healthcare allows us to expand our reach and deliver solutions that will help advance the medical industry and patient care.”

This alliance between Samsung and NuEyes Technologies marks a crucial step forward for the medical industry by laying the groundwork necessary to develop a seamless ecosystem of medical care throughout the metaverse.

You could imagine how other industries could use this partnership as a solution for other types of emergencies. Accidents can happen in any environment, such as a school, warehouse, manufacturing plant, or music festival.

This isn’t the first collaboration between the two companies in terms of medical solutions. Samsung teamed up with NuEyes to help veterans navigate vision loss earlier in 2022.

“Samsung Healthcare, is thrilled to be in alliance with NuEyes, in offering such bold innovation to serve those in need with Samsung Mobility solutions that complement the NuEyes technology in delivering a best-in-class patient experience,” said Trevor Smith, Head of Business Development for Samsung Healthcare, Mobile B2B. 

Samsung already operates one of the most advanced medical centers in the world, located in Suwon, Korea, and applies that expertise and cutting-edge technologies in developing digital healthcare solutions that drive staff productivity and improve patient experience in hospitals as well as homes.

Through Samsung and NuEye’s AR-powered approach, medical professionals are connected to an ecosystem of secure mobile devices and information that are easy to manage and transition seamlessly across clinical workflows. In the end, the two companies have created enhanced patient care, streamlined critical communications, and raised the visibility of digital solutions for healthcare through innovative smart technologies.

To learn more about the NuEyes and Samsung partnership, check out the NuEyes website by clicking here

Image Credit: NuEyes Technologies

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