NS Glasses Bring A VR-Esque Experience To The Nintendo Switch

Could this be the beginning of Switch VR, or just a spiritual successor to the Virtual Boy?

It’s fair to say the ongoing rumors surrounding VR compatibility on the Nintendo Switch have been confusing to say the least. The Japanese video game company has, on several different occasions, declared that there are zero plans to bring virtual reality to their unique console hybrid.

However, thanks to some impressive detective work by Twitter user @random666_kys, a hidden “VR Test” mode was discovered deep within the system settings that actually splits the devices screen in two before instructing the user to move the screen further from their face. Despite this discovery, Nintendo has yet to clarify or even acknowledge the existence of the mysterious feature, leaving fans more confused than ever regarding the fate of Nintendo Switch VR.

As first reported by NintendoLife, one company in particular has grown so impatient for Zelda in VR that they’ve taken it upon themselves to actually patent their own, unique take on VR for the Nintendo Switch.

A fairly straightforward approach to a rather complex situation, NS Glasses convert all existing 2D Nintendo Switch titles into “virtual reality” via color-switching technology. I use the term “virtual reality” loosely as you’ll find many of the most attractive qualities of modern VR, such as those featured in the HTC Vive or even the Oculus Go, missing from the equation.

Instead, the NS Glasses utilize the aforementioned color-switching technology to highlight certain ingame shades, delivering an effect similar to that provided by the Nintendo 3DS. The device is also capable of pixel-smoothing, softening up the rough edges brought on as a result of the Nintendo Switch’s 720p resolution.

The overall design looks to be your standard mobile VR headset outfitted to support the 6.2-inch Switch. The tablet locks securely into a plastic mount, which features several gaps for the device’s fans, allowing proper airflow. Adjustable head straps, including a crucial top strap, should provide support for the players head, although it’s unclear if the design will be as comfortable once the .66 lbs tablet is attached (.88 lbs with the joycons attached).

Those interested can sign up now to receive 50% ($50USD) off their pre-order. The headset will be available for $100 upon its official release.

While the NS Glasses are far from the first attempt at VR for the Nintendo Switch, it may very well be the most ambitious by an established company. It’s also the first non-homebrewed design to feature as the tablet as part of the headset, rather than just being viewed through a seperate device.

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