Novelist Jules Verne Gets His Own VR Minigolf Courses

Walkabout Mini Golf: Jules Verne is coming soon to Quest, Rift, and PC VR.

Walkabout Mini Golf, one of the most popular multiplayer VR games currently available on the Meta Quest, this week announced three new minigolf courses inspired by famed novelist Jules Verne. Coming soon to major VR headsets, these downloadable courses will be set in the “voyages extraordinaires,” a collection of world-renowned adventure novels.

Developer Mighty Coconut will launch the first course, Walkabout Mini Golf: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by the end of September for $2.99. This will be followed by the release of Walkabout Mini Golf: Journey to the Center of the Earth and Walkabout Mini Golf: Around the World in Eighty Days in 2023.

“As lifelong fans of Jules Verne as well as the spirit of adventure and sense of place his writing evokes, we’re excited to interpret these epic novels into totally new experiences for our global player community,” said Lucas Martell, Executive Producer and Head of Mighty Coconut.

“With Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth and Walkabout Mini Golf: Myst (coming in Q4 of 2022), we’re re-interpreting the narrative worlds those properties are known for, and now with Jules Verne, we have the opportunity to bring classic literature into the fold… and who wouldn’t want to mini golf in these fantastical settings?” 

Since its launch back in 2020, Walkabout Mini Golf has received a number of major updates that have introduced everything from additional minigolf courses to new social features. Most recently, Might Coconut released a new course inspired by the Jim Henson film LABYRINTH.

Walkabout Mini Golf is available now for $14.99 on Meta Quest, Meta Rift, and PC VR headsets. For more information visit here.

Image Credit: Mighty Coconut

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