No Man’s Sky Mech Suits Are Playable In VR

Today’s update introduces a brand new vehicle to the game; the Exo Mech.

VR is in desperate need of more quality mech games. Previous releases such as VOX MACHINAE and Archangel: Hellfire have proven how well VR technology works with the popular anime and video game genre, allowing players to take control of enormous mechanical titans using their own to two hands.

Thankfully, a new free update to No Man’s Sky has introduced a brand new vehicle to the constantly-expanding universe: the Exo Mech.

This past August developer Hello Games launched No Man’s Sky: Beyond, a massive free update that introduced, among other things, full VR support to No Man’s Sky. This includes dealing damage by physically punching objects and enemies, operating starships using a realistic flight stick/throttle control system, and—of course—piloting mechs.

Much like the other exocrafts featured in No Man’s Sky, the “Minotaur”—as it’s referred to in-game—features a built-in jetpack and is capable of protecting players from various environmental hazards, such as radiation, extreme temperatures, and hostile lifeforms just to name a few. The Minotaur is unique, however, as it allows players to use their mining laser while inside the cockpit.

While this mech may not be as complex or deadly as some of the other piloted robots featured in existing VR games, anyone who’s had the pleasure of piloting the No Man’s Sky starship in VR will tell you just how satisfying the experience is.

The Minotaur is available now on SteamVR and PSVR headsets alongside a handful of improvements and fixes as part of the free update.

Image Credit: Hello Games

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