Massive ‘No Man’s Sky Beyond’ Update Launches With Full VR Support

Expanded multiplayer and VR support could make this one of the largest VR games currently available.  

Today marks the launch of No Man’s Sky Beyond, a highly-anticipated update to Hello Games’ action-adventure multiplayer survival game that adds an absolutely gargantuan list of new features and exciting upgrades to the No Man’s Sky experience. 

Among these new offering are advancements to multiplayer that include 16-32 player interactions and a new social hub referred to as the “Nexus,” as well as dozens of eclectic updates to various parts of the in-game experience; from new alien races and story content, to additional base-building improvements and updates to NPC’s. 

The third major update comes in the form of full cross-platform VR support for the PSVR, SteamVR, and Windows Mixed Reality, adding a whole new level of immersion to the sci-fi adventure experience. VR players can interact with and explore the in-game world to the same extent as non-VR users, and even have access to a variety of VR-exclusive interactions. 

Image Credit: Hello Games

Using VR motion controllers, VR players are able to grab plants and other collectibles with their own two hands, physically open hatches in order to enter and exit vehicle cockpits, operate their starships using a realistic flight stick/throttle control system, and deal damage by physically punching object and enemies. 

Image Credit: Hello Games

Along with these new interactions and abilities, VR players also have access to a unique user interface and menu system designed specifically for use with motion controls. 2D menus such as the shop now appear as a wrist-mounted “diegetic” user interface explorable via a point-and-click system. This in-game multi-tool makes it easier for players to cycle through their inventory without breaking immersion.  

Image Credit: Hello Games

Here’s a quick list of some of the major improvements available as of today:

  • VR Support
  • VR User Interface
  • VR User Interactions
  • VR Controller Support
  • 16-32 Multiplayer
  • Multiplayer Missions
  • Ambient Multiplayer
  • The ‘Nexus’ Social Hub
  • New Traveller NPC’s
  • Dynamic NPC’s
  • Alien Languages
  • New Alien Encounters
  • Technology Trees
  • Gameplay Balance
  • Discovery Page Overhaul
  • Planetary Charts
  • Creature Taming/Riding/Milking
  • Multiplayer Missions
  • Cooking Recipes
  • Cooler Aliens
  • Improved Base Building
  • Power & Logic & Industrial Bases
  • Optimization
  • Starship Enhancements
  • First Person Exocraft Driving
  • Vulkan
  • PC Graphics Options
  • Expanded Controller Support
  • Sitting
  • Version 2.0

For a full briefing on the many other improvements added as part of the update, visit

Since the games incredibly rough and highly-publicized launch back in August of 2016, No Man’s Sky has seen a massive improvement in quality due in large part to both major and smaller regular free updates that have turned a once forgettable and lackluster experience into a rich, complex universe bursting with personality.

No Man’s Sky Beyond is now available free to owners on all platforms. Users can access the entirety of the game in VR via the PSVR, as well as HTC Vive/Vive Pro, Windows Mixed Reality, Valve Index, and Oculus Rift/RiftS via SteamVR.

Featured Image Credit: Hello Games

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