Nintendo Files Patent For New Labo VR Headset

Let’s Go Digital discovers patent for more permanent version of Labo VR Goggles.

A patent filed to the Japan Patent Office August 22nd suggests that Nintendo has been exploring the concept of new rendition to their Labo VR Goggles, one that would replace the current model’s cardboard material with a plastic body.

Discovered first by Let’s Go Digital, the patent—entitled ‘3D image display system and 3D image display device,’ features concept art of a head-mounted display similar to that of the Labo VR Goggles. In order to play, users would simply insert the Switch tablet into the device and hold it up to their faces. Like the original cardboard goggles, this new rendition would not include a head strap, instead requiring users to hold the goggles up to their faces by grasping either the goggles themselves or the Joycon controllers.

Image Credit: Let’s Go Digital, Japan Patent Office

The housing itself would feature plenty of shielding for blocking out any troublesome sunlight, keeping the user better immersed in their experience. A plastic shell would protect the hardware from potential damage while an all-foam interior comforts the users face. Other than that, the design doesn’t appear to deviate too heavily from the original formula. There is no additional functionality; all the visuals and sound are emitted through the Switch itself, with the goggles serving as mere housing. 

While it would make sense for the company to release a more permanent version of their current cardboard headset, the decision to once-again ignore any form of head strap support is interesting. Perhaps this is to manage the weight of the Switch tablet, which could put a strain on the user’s neck after extended use. Still, it’d be nice to have a first-party alternative that included some form of additional comfort support.

Image Credit: Let’s Go Digital, Japan Patent Office

While the VR add-ons to existing Nintendo properties have proved hit-or-miss with consumers, the dedicated Labo VR minigames have received overall positive reception. Nintendo’s VR Plaza has also proven a success, currently serving as a communal platform designed specifically for users looking to create their own VR games and experiences. 

This patent announcement follows directly on the heels of the reveal of a new flexible belt-like accessory for the Nintendo Switch. It’s unclear at this point whether or not the device has anything to do with Labo VR, but knowing Nintendo we’re not ignoring any possibilities.

Feature Image Credit: Nintendo

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