Nintendo Labo VR Includes A Virtual Boy Easter Egg

Immerse yourself in the horror that was 90’s virtual reality.

Nintendo Labo VR is set to hit store shelves tomorrow and the reviews so far have been positive overall. As passionate YouTubers and Nintendo fanatics dig into the meat and potatoes of the new VR Toy-Con Kit, some are discovering humorous easter eggs scattered throughout the software; one of which pays homage to Nintendo’s first attempt at VR gaming.

Discovered initially by YouTuber GameXplain, players can head to their Nintendo Labo’s video section to find Virtual Boy: Check out old VR in new VR, a clip which offers a brief look at original gameplay from the failed 1995 headset. Shot in a 180-degree format, you take on the role of what appears to be — based on the outfit — a member of some sort of elite hazmat unit, perhaps?

Video Credit: GameXplain

You’ll then lean into the Virtual Boy mounted on the table in front of you and are “immersed” in the eye-shattering visuals of Mario’s Tennis. No, not Mario Tennis, MARIO’S TENNIS. If that isn’t a perfect symbol of the Virtual Boy platform, I don’t know what is.

Whatever your opinion of the archaic headset may be, it’s comforting to see that Nintendo still hasn’t forgotten its first attempt at VR gaming. While Nintendo Labo VR may be a more simplistic take on modern virtual reality when compared to other, more powerful headsets — the execution is anything but.

Build your own VR games with Toy-Con Garage VR / Image Credit: Nintendo

Just last month we learned that the ambitious new Toy-Con Kit would feature over 64 immersive games to enjoy, with the potential to build your very own experiences via Toy-Con Garage VR. Then, less than a week ago, it was revealed that both Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would also feature Labo VR support.

The full Nintendo Labo: VR Kit includes all the software and materials needed for every Labo VR experience, including the optional Screen Holder and a Safety Cap for $79.99.

There’s also the Starter Set + Blaster bundle, which includes the software and materials needed for the Toy-Con Goggles, Toy-Con Blaster, Screen Holder, and Safety Cap for $39.99; you can always pick up the Starter Set first, and upgrade your kit with a $19.99 purchase of either Expansion Set 1 (Toy-Con Elephant + Toy-Con Camera) and Expansion Set 2 (Toy-Con Wind Pedal + Toy-Con Bird) at a later date.

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is available tomorrow in stores and online. The two Expansion Sets are available exclusively via

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