Nike Celebrates 50 Years With In-Store AR Experience

The company continues its investment in immersive technology with a new location-based experience.

World-renowned American sports brand Nike turned 50 this year, and in celebration, the company is launching a new augmented reality (AR) experience at Nike retail stores around the globe.

Using their smartphone devices, visitors can scan QR codes located at participating locations to unlock 11 unique stories contained within a single virtual box. This AR container features a frosted glass appearance, hiding a wide variety of digital artifacts.

By tapping on the virtual box, visitors can unlock 17 3D-scanned assets taken directly from Nike’s archives.

The experience was developed by the Nike Global Brand Experience team in partnership with BUCK, an award-winning creative technology company, using a combination of WebAR and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology.

No app is required in order to access the experience. Visitors simply need to scan the QR codes provided with their smartphone’s camera to get started.

According to the team, the goal of the project is to “bring the brand’s past, present, and future to life in stores globally through a WebAR experience that captures the spirit of DNA (Department of Nike Archives) and supports the future of storytelling within the retail space.”

As previously stated, this isn’t the first time Nike has experimented with immersive technology. This past year the company purchased leading metaverse fashion house RTFKT to develop its own line of digital fashion NFTs, crypto, blockchains, and AR technology. The company also partnered with the kid-friendly video game platform Roblox to open a digital storefront filled with Nike products.

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Image Credit: BUCK x Nike

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