Nickelodeon Debuts Mixed Reality Competition Series ‘Slimezone VR Showdown’

Nick Entertainment Lab’s social VR experience gets a competitive twist in this four-episode digital series.

Available to the public now at IMAX VR centers across Los Angeles, New York and Toronto, Nickelodeon’s multiplayer VR game Slimezone VR has satisfied a countless number of rambunctious children desperate to drench their friends in green slime. Originally released this past March, the immersive social experience allows fans of the network to join their friends in VR where they can watch cartoons, design art, and slime one another to their hearts content.

Now the cartoon-packed immersive experience has come to YouTube as part of the brand new competition series, Slimezone VR Showdown. Developed by Nickelodeon’s Entertainment Lab and produced by Viacom Digital Studios, the four-episode MR series places two teams of two in the virtual ring as they battle one another for Nick Toon dominance.

Here’s how it works: One player from each team takes a turn in VR where they’ll have a minute and a half to score as many points as possible by shooting slime at cardboard cut-outs of various Nick Toon characters. A Nickelodeon star mentors them throughout the round as their coach, all while an opposing competitor operates an in-game drone capable of stealing points and obstructing the players view with slime.

Viewers can check out all the VR action via mixed reality video capture, as well as the reactions of other competitors through various facecams overlaid on the screen.

Episode one features Nickelodeon stars Amarr Wooten and Lilimar from Knight Squad as they do their best to coach competitors through the first semi-final round. The following three episodes will be released every Wednesday on the Nickelodeon YouTube channel, all leading up to the final showdown September 5th.

Slimezone VR Showdown is only the second of a handful of new digital-first Nickelodeon shows planned for release this year. Other upcoming content includes The JoJo & BowBow Show Show, an animated series following JoJo Siwa and her faithful dog BowBow, as well as Super League Gaming Minecraft City Champs, a competitive series that will bring together crafters from different nations for an international tournament unlike anything you’ve seen before on Nick.

Image Credit: Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab / Viacom Digital Studios

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