Nic Cage’s Latest Film Gets Stand-Alone VR Series

The Humanity Bureau VRevolution episodic VR series dives deeper into the story of Cage’s upcoming sci-fi disaster flick.

When it comes to Nicolas Cage films, there’s no shortage of conflicting emotions. Sometimes you get Leaving Las Vegas Nicolas Cage. Other times you get The Wicker Man Nicolas Cage. Whatever your opinion of him may be, there’s no denying he must have one hell of an interesting resume.

Now thanks to his latest film, The Humanity Bureau, he may be adding VR to his already-monumental list.

Available April 6th in regular theaters, Barco Escape format theaters, and on Premium Video On Demand, The Humanity Bureau takes place in a future American Midwest now ravaged by global warming and dominated by a ruthless organization prone to banishing any citizens they deem “unproductive.” Cage plays an unsuspecting case worker dedicated to saving the lives of a woman and her daughter while uncovering the secrets behind the nefarious bureau.

Not enough post apocalyptic climate change action for you? Then you’ll definitely be wanting to check out The Humanity Bureau VRevolution, a stand-alone VR series exploring deeper into the movies universe.

Available March 2nd, the episodic adventure delves into the alternate storylines that take place throughout the feature film. More than likely the series will focus on characters other than the film’s protagonists, allowing viewers to experience the events of the film from a different angle. Of course this could also be a selection of specially-shot footage cut from the theatrical release.

“We shot the film in three different formats, including standard theatrical, 3-screen Barco Escape theatrical, and cinematic virtual reality to provide multiple avenues for audiences to engage with and experience the story’s universe,” stated producer Kevin DeWalt in an interview with Variety. “We hope to give viewers more options for alternative content within today’s new media.”

It’s unclear if Cage himself will be making an appearance at some point in the standalone series, but considering it’s being pushed as a collection of “alternate storylines,” I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ghost Rider remained absent.

The Humanity Bureau VRevolution VR series dropson unspecified platforms March 2nd. The Humanity Bureau opens in theaters, Barco Escape format theaters and on VOD April 6th starring Nicolas Cage, Sarah Lind and Jakob Davies.

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