NFL Producing VR Series Exclusively for Google

The VR video series will be available on YouTube and Google’s Daydream VR headset.

The National Football League is producing its first original VR series, announcing Thursday that the nine-part series will be available on YouTube and Google’s new smartphone-powered VR headset, Daydream View.

Expected to launch later this month, the league’s film studio, NFL Films, will be producing the VR video series and will give you a look into NFL life — covering players, coaches, executives, cheerleaders and fans.

Each episode is expected to run 5 – 10 minutes in length and live exclusively on Google’s platforms for now. Variety reported that the VR content will be free, with the first episode of the series to be available on the NFL’s YouTube channel on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 24).

Later this year, episodes will also be available via the NFL’s VR app designed for Daydream View, Google’s mobile VR headset that works with its new Pixel phones set to begin shipping Nov. 10. Daydream View is the Google’s solution to bringing VR to mass consumers with a more comfortable and simple mobile VR system — all for the price of $79.


NFL Films is currently in production on the series, which is being shot using Google’s Jump 360 camera system. According to Variety, the first episode will have you spending a week with the Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive line as they prepare for an upcoming game. Subsequent episodes will have you tagging along with the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, going inside Green Bay’s distinctive football culture, and getting an insider’s look at the San Diego Chargers organization.

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