The NEWVIEW AWARDS Announce Finalists For Achievements In VR Design

The winner will be announced at the NEWVIEW AWARDS show on Dec. 15 at Shibuya PARCO in Tokyo, Japan.

A half-year in the making, the NEWVIEW AWARDS show is less than two weeks away.

A joint partnership between Japanese department chain PARCO, creative agency Loftwork, and Psychic VR Lab, NEWVIEW will honor four experiences among 25 finalists for achievements in design, fashion, and culture with two awards equal to $20,000 USD and two awards equal to $5,000 USD.

Experiences were built using STYLY, Psychic VR Lab’s VR creation platform, which allows users to build virtual environments without code. This November, STYLY announced its AR app, which will let users bring their creations into the real world through their smartphones and tablets.

From July 1 through Sept. 30, creators from 8 different countries submitted 145 artworks. The 25 finalists were screened selected by the judging panel, which includes: Keiichi Matsuda, Lu Yang, and Nick DenBoer.


  • “Absences of life” – Wakuwa
  • “C’est la vie, SHOGYO-MUJO” – Saki Takegawa
  • “Piece of String” – Wyatt Roy
  • “VR Manga World” – Oeka Aki
  • “The Pit” – Dave Maggio
  • “Ne.Mui” – Ono Natsuki
  • “The 23-Year-Old Confession” – Wong Hoi Ian
  • “Modal” – Ryo Takegawa
  • “The Tower of Babel” – 525600min
  • “Define Float” – Takafumi Oyama
  • “Tsukumo” – Keisuke Itoh
  • “Takkun Museum” – Takkun
  • “Merging Memories” – Kenichiro Hirai
  • “The Cube” – Nao Ito
  • “VR Glitch” – 5hamburgs MAYU
  • “Her Tranquil Day” – Q&A Project
  • “ORgel” – Mask du Video
  • “Cocotsuki VRMV – Android Girl” – CocoTsuki Project
  • “Transparent Planets (Tomei Na Wakusei)” – Mika Maruyama
  • “Intersubjectivity (間主観性)” – God Scorpion
  • “Many Sides” – C
  • “Dark Room” – Yuki Matsuoka
  • “(Silver Colored) Water Tank” – Discont
  • “Reminiscence” – TeamMIKAMI (from OMNIBUS JAPAN)
  • “Digital Bonsai (Ko Chuu Sya)” – Social in a Pottery – KONDO Ginga

In advance of the awards show, NEWVIEW hosted two different showcases in conjunction with KDDI: White Night, a public AR art exhibition at INVISIBLE ART IN PUBLIC (Nov. 8-10) and a showcase at Booster Studio by Campfire where works were displayed on the Nreal Light smartglasses (Nov. 22-24).

For more information, visit the official NEWVIEW website.

VRScout is proud to be a media partner of the NEWVIEW AWARDS

Feature Imaged Credit: NEWVIEW

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