Celebrate Halloween Right With Four New VR Experiences From Horror Studio Dark Corner

The leading providers of horror-based VR offer yet another selection of terrifying experiences guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys binge-watching scary movies during the Halloween season, might I recommend upgrading your seasonal routine with a new series of frightening virtual reality experiences provided by the fine folks over at Dark Corner.

The leading genre VR studio has been responsible for some of the most unsettling stories told using VR and location-based entertainment, including Campfire Creepers, Night Night, and Catatonic, just to name a few.

“October is our favorite time of year for Dark Corner, and we’re excited to expand our slate with these thrilling films, as well as continuing to forge new partnerships with other VR outlets and LBE venues all around the world,” spoke  Dark Corner CEO, Guy Shelmerdine, in an official release.

In anticipation of Halloween weekend, the studio today added four new 360-degree experiences to their growing catalogue of disturbing tales. This includes everything from an unsettling South Korean ghost story, to a blood-soaked corporate office massacred by an unknown entity.

“VR filmmaking is now becoming so popular around the world that we are seeing an awesome surge in innovative and memorable experiences,” said Head of Content Teal Greyhavens. “These four films are so different, but each one of them is startling or thrilling in a way that we loved. I’m especially excited about our exclusive release of the Tag Along VR experience, a bloody and beautifully shot haunted house story that will definitely give you goosebumps.”

Let’s take a closer look at four VR experiences you definitely shouldn’t watch while you’re home alone: 


Brought to us by director Pu_yuan Cheng and producer Shin-Chi Chen, The Tag-Along VR is a short horror experience based on the hit Taiwanese film franchise of the same name. In this short-form expansion, viewers venture to the home of the frightening demon, Mosien. Developed with the help of influential technology studio, Funique, The Tag-Along VR is perfect for fans looking for an extra bloody experience.


Directed by Peter Pontikis, the mind behind the cult vampire feature Not Like Others, Oh Deer tells the story of a group of hunters hunting their wounded prey. The eerie part is that viewers actually take on the role of the animal, experiencing the fear of being surrounded on all sides by merciless predators. Shot as a raw, bare-bones POV experience, Oh Deer is one of the more unique offerings on the list. During its initial release, the team even provided a unique physical setup complete with a life-size deer head, just to keep things extra creepy.


An indie horror short following three naive ghost hunters as they explore an abandoned mansion that once served as the location for a series of appalling scraficises, Horomaru sets itself apart from the pack as one of the few found footage 360-degree experiences currently in circulation. Director Hong offers a unique take on VR horror with a tale that honors the styles of both slow-burn K- and J-horror filmmaking.


Before you ask, no, this has nothing to do with the popular NBC sitcom of the same name. There is no Dwight Schrute, no zany hijinks, and definitely no office pranks; unless of course you consider the gruesome murder of your fellow colleagues a prank. Brought to us by European VR filmmaking pioneers, Inside360, The Office takes your unsubstantiated fears about working late night in an empty office and turns them into a reality as your quiet workspace is suddenly transformed into a waking nightmare. If the disturbing visuals don’t freak you out, the jump scares will. 


All four 360-degree experiences are now available for viewing on major headsets via the Dark Corner app, available free on iOS and Android.

Image Credit: Dark Corner

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