New VR Arcade Opens in Tokyo

This entertainment park will transport you to virtual worlds from the heart of Shibuya.

Adding to the growing list of VR arcades popping up in Japan, Tokyo-based entertainment company ADORES has just opened a VR entertainment park called “VR Park Tokyo” on December 16.

Conveniently located only 5-minutes away from Shibuya Station, VR Park Tokyo takes up an entire remodeled 4th floor of the company’s flagship store “Adores Shibuya Shop”.

With higher-end VR headsets often times being inaccessible for many Japanese consumers, location-based VR arcades like this one may be the best way to introduce the technology to a market hungry to try VR for the first time.


This VR arcade is expected to have a total of eight different experiences, many of which utilized the HTC Vive, including 2 original attractions jointly developed by ADORES and GREE. Experiences are divided up into different sections of the arcade floor, each having their own unique look and theme to the play space.


If you end up stopping by, you can expect to pay 3,200 yen ($40, AU$50, £30) for unlimited access to each game for 70 minutes.


Some of the VR game experiences available include the following:

Battle! Hachamecha Stadium VR

  • Players: 1-2 (Versus play)
  • Detail: Real “Baseball’ VR attraction
  • Newest VR game revives the traditional baseball board game from your childhood. Even if you don’t know the rules, you can enjoy this battle game.


  • Players: 1-2 (cooperative play)
  • Detail: Cooperative gun shooting VR game attraction
  • You will be a ghost fighting specialist exterminating ghosts in an old mansion following your drone buddy.

Solomon carpet VR

  • Players: 1-2 (simultaneous play)
  • Detail: VR adventure attraction while riding a magic carpet
  • Balance on an actual moving magic carpet, and feel the refreshing air in the blue sky as you battle monsters.

Experience! Horror VR

  • Players: 1-4 (simultaneous play)
  • Detail: theater horror attraction
  • Sit in the chair and experience the ultimate horror world


  • Players: 1
  • Detail: escape from high altitude VR attraction
  • Action movie shooting game on top of a vertigo inducing high rise building.

Image Credit: VR Tokyo Park

Via Mogura VR: ADORES,Inc. will open VR attraction facility “VR PARK TOKYO” in December in Tokyo, Shibuya

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