New ‘Vader Immortal’ Trailer Teases A Thrilling, Narrative-Driven VR Experience

SNL’s Maya Rudolph is your trusty droid side-kick in this narrative-driven experience.

Hello, all my fellow Star Wars fanatics!  Today marks the second day of the 4th annual Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, Illinois and things are heating up quick. Not only were we treated to the first official teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX — the final entry in this latest saga — but we also received a never-before-seen trailer and new information regarding ILMxLAB’s mysterious Oculus Quest VR experience, Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series.

During a live panel earlier this morning, core members of the Vader Immortal creative team took to the stage to reveal more about episode one of the three-part episodic series. Based on the information and trailer provided, it appears as though Vader Immortal will serve more as an interactive experience, rather than a full game.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting on the sidelines throughout your dangerous journey. As reported late last week, you can expect several helpings of intense, lightsaber-based gameplay against a variety of foes.

Not much is shared in regards to the story, except that the three-part series takes place between Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and will somehow tie-in the events of Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, a location-based free roam VR experience available at VOID locations. According to Oculus, players can expect to find themselves at “the center of a story in which you hold the key to the galaxy’s salvation… or destruction.” Based on the footage provided in this latest trailer, it looks as though you’ll be joined by a rag-tag team of prison escapees for at least a portion of the experience, including a robot sidekick voiced by the always hysterical Maya Rudolph.

“Much in the way Alan Tudyk did with K-2SO, we needed somebody for this role that could create a unique character using their improvisation and performance skills,” said writer and executive producer David S. Goyer. “Maya truly was the first person we thought of, right from the very beginning, and her contributions and sense of humor have guided ZOE3 every step of the way.”

Image Credit: ILMxLAB

Other elements include Stormtrooper fights, climbing, and some possible stealth gameplay; all of which taking place in Vader’s base-of-operations on the planet of Mustafar.

“The very initial conversations around this project started three years ago, around the launch of ILMxLAB,” Mohen Leo, director of immersive content at ILMxLAB, tells“Lucasfilm was in production on Rogue One. In the film, the audience gets a glimpse of Darth Vader’s castle on Mustafar, which we knew would be intriguing to a lot of fans.”

“This was also around the time that some of the first really compelling content for the Oculus DK2, the developer kit that preceded the Oculus Rift, came out. We recognized that VR has a unique ability to transport people to a fictional place and let them explore it. So, we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to let the audience visit and explore Vader’s castle, and have the opportunity to learn some of his secrets?’”

Team members also took the time to confirm an official release for the Oculus Rift alongside the already-confirmed Quest version.

No word yet on pricing or an official Rift release date. However, Star Wars Celebration attendees will have the chance to check out a brief demo of Vader Immortal on the Oculus Quest during the festivities.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any new information regarding the stand-alone VR experience as it develops.

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