New Oculus Store Content for Samsung Gear VR


As things settle down this week from the craziness of CES, the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR has a few new titles to download as well as a community favorite now on sale.

So snap in your phone and let us know how you like them.  And if you missed our latest upload yesterday, we took a break to record some hilarious Karaoke night fun in Oculus Social for the world to see how terrible singers we really are.

This Week’s New Gear VR Content

Cerevrum (Free)

Developed by VRARlab, Cerevrum delivers a new approach to learning. Set in a world of powerful spirits, Cerevrum challenges your brain with different games to win the favor of the gods.

PolyRunner VR (Free)

PolyRunner VR puts you in control of a ship hurtling through other-worldly terrains. It is a fast-paced spaceship runner in an endlessly changing poly world. You can use either a game pad or tilt control. Developed by Lucid Sight, Inc.

Chimera Reader (Free)

Over in the Concept store, Chimera Reader is an eBook reader designed for virtual reality. Get lost in your favorite novel while relaxing in a beautiful 19th century study, or crack open a textbook while seated in a cozy college library. The app supports .epub format, bluetooth controllers and includes relaxing background music. Developed by dB Creations.

And as a notable mention, the VR Jam award-winning game DRIFT from developer SharpSense is 50% off at $7.49. Offer ends January 20, 2016.

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