New Half-Life: Alyx Mod Adds 5 Hours Of VR Gameplay

Levitation looks unlike anything we’ve seen before.

In March 2020, Half-Life: Alyx officially launched on PC VR headsets, offering players what could easily be considered one of the best VR games to date. Less than a year after launch, developer Valve introduced Steam Workshop support to the popular first-person shooter, allowing anyone the chance to create their own levels, textures, models, and animations via an easy-to-use level creator tool.

Since then we’ve seen a number of game-changing mods make their way to headsets. This includes everything from a Portal-inspired puzzle experience to a terrifying VR rendition of Hideo Kojima’s now-legendary horror game demo, P.T. More recently, one team managed to recreate parts of Bioware’s award-winning retrofuturistic video games series, Bioshock. The results are absolutely jaw-dropping, with players able to fight terrifying “Splicer” enemies and harness the power of Plasmids in VR for the first time.

Little did we know these aforementioned mods were just a taste of what was to come. Over the weekend, a team of independent developers dropped a trailer for their upcoming HL:A mod, “Levitation,” which promises an additional 4-5 hours of action-packed gameplay as players return to the role of Alyx Vance for a brand new adventure set throughout the dangerous streets of City 17.

According to the trailer, players will travel to Sector X in search of a pair of fellow resistance fighters who went missing while investigating a mysterious floating building. Based on the footage provided we can also expect the return of Alyx’s cheeky partner Russel as well as the mysterious G-Man.

Besides that little is known about the upcoming project. Like all of the mods released on the Steam Workshop, Levitation will be available free to download on PC VR headsets. That said, Levitation looks unlike anything we’ve seen on the Steam Workshop. At first glance, I almost thought this was an official DLC release by Valve; the cinematic trailer left me with genuine goosebumps.

The video description states that Leviathan will be available in Q3 of 2022. As is the case with every mod featured on the HL:A Steam Workshop, you will need to own a copy of the game in order to play. Half-Life: Alyx is available for $59.99 on PC VR headsets.

Image Credit: CoreyLaddo

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