Weekend Downloads: New on Gear VR, Rift and Touch

Weekend Downloads is part of our weekly update to bring you the latest additions to the Samsung Gear VROculus Rift, and Touch Controllers.

Feel free to end your weekend with a number of new games, including the launch of a new faction on Dragon Front, the immersive collectible card-battler for Rift and Gear VR from High Voltage Software. In addition, Oculus Medium has a new sharing site that is now accessible and fully functional globally, and file limits for sculpts and recordings have been increased to 1gb (up from 500mb). Hop back into Medium and see what you can create. Either way, there’s something for everyone.

Get ready to snap in your phone scouts!

This Week’s New Gear VR and Oculus Rift Content (1/22/17)


traders-bargleflab-oculus-rift-gear-vrTraders of Bargleflab ($9.99 – Rift)
Can you unravel the mystery of Farslouch while toiling endlessly after new wealth for your saucy and contemptuous master, “ol’ Swashcanon?” In an unspecified time period, in a world not so different from ours, a young smart-ass arose from the Merchant Guild who believed that he or she could manage a fleet of trading ships better than anybody had before. That young smart-ass is you. Guided (barely) by a condescending financier who alternates between father figure and tormentor, you will issue and continually update orders to a fleet of trading ships in a bid to earn enough wealth to pay back a suspiciously unspecified amount of debt. The game mechanic is relatively simple and each level is a race against time to earn enough wealth to allow you to progress to the next level. You will be forced to think ahead to plan your routes and act in the moment to block the advances of pirates.

beats-fever-oculus-rift-gear-vrBeats Fever ($14.99 – Touch)
Beats Fever is a VR rhythm game where players enjoy stylish music and catch incoming notes. With licensed tracks from renowned music agencies, easy and intuitive gameplay, high quality graphics and immersive environments, this title is for players of all age groups.

toyclash-oculus-rift-gear-vrToy Clash ($2.99 – Gear VR)
Get ready for a fierce battle of cute toys on table-top! Use your mighty magic and unique toys to stop annoying opponents from making disturbances. Toy Clash is a tower offense game that uses toys to prevent the attack of enemies and breaks down their towers.

biumbis-oculus-rift-gear-vrThe Biumbis ($2.99 – Gear VR)
Long ago, in a very, very distant world. A race of little creatures, the Biumbis, lived in harmony with nature, spending their days playing in the woods. Unwittingly, while a group of young Biumbis were racing in the bark of one of the giant forest trees, the clumsiest of them hit against a branch making one of the enormous fruit fell down from the top and release a dark being that begin to contaminate their world. Explore this fun and immersive game, where the player controls a Biumbi with his head and tries to defeat all the enemies between him and the magical seeds at the end of each stage.


talking-ttoring-oculus-rift-gear-vrTalking TTORiNG ($1.99 – Gear VR)
“Talking Ttoring” is an experience in which the user can have a conversation with an adorable AI character called Ttoring. With his wide range of responses, you can ask Ttoring absolutely anything.

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