New Gear VR Now Available For Pre-Order on Amazon

Unveiled earlier this month at the Samsung Unpacked event, the new upgraded Gear VR is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

The new Gear VR will be released on Amazon August 19th for a price of $99.99. And when we say that this latest edition of the VR headset has been upgraded, we are mostly pointing to a few minor improvements.

In comparison to the current model, the biggest update you will see is the addition of a USB Type-C port, allowing you to snap in your new Galaxy Note 7.

One other major update that some may not see as an improvement, is that aesthetically the new Gear VR comes in black instead of that trademark white color. From where we stand, the black color is indeed an improvement, since the white inner faceplate tended to reflect more ambient light when donning the headset.

There are also some slight modifications to the right hand touch pad that is now flat rather than having indents for your fingers. Also a ‘home’ button has been added as well.


In regards to technical improvements, the new Gear VR is supposed to be sporting a 101 degree diagonal field of view, an upgrade from the 96 degrees of the current headset. This has the potential to be a significant improvement in immersion, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Not interested in the new black Gear VR? You can still pick up the current generation model now for a discounted price on Amazon.

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