Netflix Just Launched Its Own VR Game On Oculus Quest 2

Explore a colorful landscape inhabited by peaceful robots in this free VR experience based on the Netflix anime.

This past July, Netflix announced a major partnership with prolific television showrunner Shonda Rhimes to develop VR and gaming content for the video streaming platform. Since then the company has remained tight-lipped regarding any upcoming projects, leading many to assume an official VR release was well on the horizon.

Apparently, however, Netflix launched its own VR game months ago on Oculus Quest headsets.

Image Credit: Netflix

Available now for free via the App Lab, Eden Unearthed is a short, but sweet, interactive VR experience that has you piloting a futuristic motorcycle across a gorgeous landscape inhabited by a race of easy-going robots. The gameplay is fairly simple: players navigate around a variety of obstacles while collecting apples which can be used as biofuel to power their sweet ride.

Your primary goal—from what I can tell—is to travel as fast and as far as you can. As you travel, you’ll come across various landmarks. Here you can use your handy-dandy hologram device to learn more about this unique world via a combination of 2D videos and narration.

Beyond the title itself, we know very little in the way of the game’s plot or scope. That being said, Eden Unearthed is more than likely a companion experience for Eden, a new anime that recently premiered on Netflix.

Set in the distant future, Eden tells the story of a young girl who awakens from stasis to discover a world in which robots have replaced humanity. Teaming up with her two unlikely caregivers, two robots named E92 and A37, the trio embarks on a quest to discover the truth behind humanity’s disappearance thousands of years ago.

It’s unclear at this time what exactly the point of this companion experience is. The fact that Eden Unearthed was published rather unceremoniously on the Oculus App Lab leads me to believe that the game is still a work-in-progress. It’s possible that what we’re seeing now is the beginning of a much larger game. Then again, maybe this really is just a cute companion app.

Eden Unearthed is available free on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets via the App Lab.

Feature Image Credit: Netflix

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