Neil DeGrasse Tyson Guides You In VR Meditation App ‘Maloka’

Everyones favorite astrophysicist is ‘the Voice of the Universe’ in this VR wellness experience for Quest.

In 2014, The US National Library of Medicine published a report that outlined how the benefits of having a daily meditation routine can actually reduce anxiety symptoms, improve stress reactivity, and boost your coping mechanisms.

Available now on Quest and Quest 2 headsets, Maloka is a calming VR experience that gamifies the meditation experience to help you create a personalized routine and put you on the path towards discovering inner peace.

Your journey to mindfulness starts on your own private island. Here you’ll explore otherworldly environments filled with various secrets to discover. For every task you complete, you are rewarded with a new calming interaction that you can use to fill your island with vibrant plants and sculptures. As you develop a healthy meditation routine, your island will continue to grow, transforming from a generic landmass into a personalized utopia.

What sets Maloka apart from competing meditation apps is its heavy use of real-world science to help simplify the meditative process. Wellness authors Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz, the sister-in-law team who wrote the book Just Sit, created Maloka to help guide those new to meditation. Maloka doesn’t just immerse you in a peaceful 3D environment; it activates Beta and Theta brainwaves to help you achieve deep meditation and mindfulness.

Step into the Magic Grove portal to experience soothing melodies brought to life via gongs, singing bowls, chimes, and tuning forks, or load up a Mindful Movement experience for a yoga-inspired session.

You’ll have two friends with you during your journey. One is a spirit companion that starts off cute and clueless but grows with youas you continue to meditate and cultivate your island. The other is famed astrophysics and planetary scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who guides you through the experience as the Voice of the Universe.

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As your island grows, you’ll encounter new flora to discover and secrets to uncover (hey that rhymed). Search your island to find hidden sounds that activate those brainwaves or travel through the Maloka Vortex to visit other islands and mysterious cosmic vistas. Each location is designed to immerse you in the experience and deepen your meditative state.

To help you stay on your meditation routine when you’re not near your Quest headset, Maloka comes with its own dedicated companion app on both Apple and Android devices. You can use this to check in with your spirit guide, visit your island, and engage in quick meditation sessions. Your progress across Maloka is synched between your headset and the app, offering a seamless meditative experience.

Maloka is available now via the Quest Store. If you’d like to know more about Maloka or explore partnership opportunities, check out the official website here

Feature Image Credit: HOO KOO E KOO Limited

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