Multiplayer VR Art App MultiBrush Adds Passthrough & Avatars

You can now paint complex works of art with friends in mixed reality.

In January 2021, Google officially ended support for its popular VR painting app Tilt Brush, much to the dismay of the digital art community. That said, it wasn’t all bad news. That same month the company open-sourced the software, allowing other developers to add their own unique features and customizations to the existing app. And so, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, MultiBrush was born.

Developed by Rendever, MultiBrush offers the classic Tilt Brush experience you know and love on Meta Quest with the added benefit of online multiplayer. Multiple users can sign in to the same room and collaborate on 3D works of art side-by-side in real-time. As if that weren’t cool enough, Rendever recently announced several cool features available now as part of a free update.

In the official announcement, the company revealed Passthrough support for MultiBrush on Meta Quest, allowing users to paint with friends throughout their real-world space in mixed reality. In addition to Passthrough, MultiBrush now features support for Meta Avatars. Prior to this update, users were represented as a pair of floating hands in VR. Now users can interact with one another in a more natural manner using Meta’s expressive human Avatars.

The update also introduces a slew of minor improvements in changes (as provided by Rendever):

  • Brush numbering can now be turned in settings, this can make it easier to help other users find specific brushes
  • Moved all environmental controls onto new panel below brushes
  • Fixed an issue where selecting brush strokes could leave them incorrectly positioned for other users in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where users could get into private rooms by creating a room with the same name
  • Added left-handed mode tutorial to initial instructions
  • Automatically set username from Oculus username if one has not been previously set
  • Improved sync in multiplayer

According to an official statement, this update is just the start for MultiBrush. Apparently, we can expect a number of exciting updates in the future.

“The opportunities for (Passthrough) are endless, and it’s just the start!” said the company in the official announcement. “We’re working on some big ideas to help shape the VR artist community – we have exciting plans on the horizon, and really can’t wait to see what our community creates together. To have a chance of getting featured in some upcoming projects, please tag anything you create and share with #createdwithmultibrush.”

MultiBrush is available free to download on Meta Quest.

Image Credit: Rendever

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