MTV Hosts VR Art Show Leading Up to Election Day

Tilt Brush artists bring issue-driven VR art to life just in time to get out the vote.

As part of MTV’s 2016 election campaign, MTV has partnered with Viacom NEXT to curate a political art show that takes place primarily in VR. Showcased across social channels leading up to Election Day, 18 artists participated in the MTV “Open Your Eyes” VR show, having them create in the HTC Vive with Google’s Tilt Brush to show important issues ranging from ranging from gun violence to rape culture to climate change, immigration, and more.

Launched on Tuesday and continuing each day until Elect Day, MTV’s Elect This will showcase the final artworks on their social channels and ask Millennials to use the art to express the issue that they’re voting on this year.

MTV will share final artwork along with video interviews of the artists explaining the process behind their art and why the issue is personally important to them. The art is also available in an immersive environment viewable via mobile, desktop, or personal VR equipment via Sketchfab.

The MTV “Open Your Eyes” website also features a key call to action tied to each individual work of art, created in collaboration with the artists themselves, and encourages the audience to share their own art on the issues that matter most to them.

“Open Your Eyes” was selected by the White House as one of a handful of experiences that appeared at its inaugural South By South Lawn event hosted by President Obama last month. It also appeared at Hofstra University on the day of the first Presidential debate. During these two live shows, attendees were invited to experience the art themselves using an HTC Vive, as well as through videos and prints on the gallery walls. At the Hofstra event, the audience also had the opportunity to take the art home with them as a lenticular print through a partnership with Gifpop, and attendees who shared their thoughts on the event on social media had the opportunity to take home a Google Cardboard so they can view the art in 3D using Sketchfab.



“Open Your Eyes” features 3D immersive visualizations created by featured artists Dave Persue, Illma Gore, Hayden Zezula, Fabiola Lara, Ada Rajkovic, Shaun O’Connor, Sam Stewart, Grace Miceli, Renda Writer, JCorp, Jon Santos For Freedoms, SacSix, Wane COD, SASHALYNILLO, Gumshoe, Tyler Wallach Studio, Kristian Mercado, and ThankYouX.

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