VR Backpacks Are Becoming a Thing Now

Say hello to MSI’s VR backpack.

Taiwan’s upcoming Computex 2016 event is just around the corner, and like most high-profile showcases rumors have already begun to leak about what we can expect to see. As a an avid supporter of budding technologies, it’s no surprise that rumors of bleeding-edge VR technology being present have already started circulating.

One of the more exciting bits of info however has been talks about MSI’s line of advanced, VR-focused computers, particularly there backpacked-mounted computer system designed for VR mobility. We currently know the computer will house an Intel Core i7 processor and an  NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 graphics card, but you’ll have to sit back and wait till Computex for the full system specs.


This won’t be the only piece of VR-focused technology the Taiwanese company will have with them however. They’ll be showcasing not only their MAGNUS EN980 mini-PC designed for VR, but a new gaming laptop also built specifically for virtual reality use.

Of course you can also expect to see a line of regular gaming rigs as well, such as the MSI GT83 Titan SLI which features a cherry MX mechanical keyboard and the sleeker MSI GT73 which includes dual NVIDIA Geforce graphics.


It’s exciting to see a computer technology manufacturer as big as MSI take such a serious step towards the advancement of VR technology. Mobile computers mounted for backpack use are already being utilized by companies such as The Void, an interactive multi-person experience that utilizes VR by strapping computer backpacks to the users. It’s an engenius answer to the problems that arise from the limitations of VR technology. The current leading head-mounted displays all require cables connections to their operating systems. Repackaging computers to fit comfortably on the user will allow for an unparalleled amount of movement previously unheard of in modern-day virtual reality.


HP’s Omen PC backpack concept.

Mainstream manufacturer HP also entered the computer backpack ring recently with it’s sleek VR backpack as part of its new ‘Omen’ gaming line. The unnamed device not only seeks to push the boundaries of movement in VR, but do so comfortably and in style. It’s thin design cuts back on weight which promises to be under 10 pounds despite containing an Intel Core i7 processor and 32GB of memory. It’s black and red paint job isn’t too painful to look at either. Anyone who can make you look cool while in VR is a hero in my book.

Computex 2016 will take place May 31st to June 4th. It’ll be interesting to see what else comes out of the event, which based on the current leaks sounds like a lot of exciting VR hardware. We’ll be following all the upcoming announcements right here.

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