Mr. Robot VR Experience Now Available

Are you ready to get high with Elliot and go on a trip down memory lane in VR?

After a quick disappearing act, you can now watch the Mr. Robot experience on your favorite VR headset.

The limited-time VR experience first made its debut at Comic-Con, simulcast to a stadium of fans during the convention.


At the same time, anyone around the world with access to a VR headset could also download the Within app and tune in to watch the VR premiere. After the 12-minute experience concluded, it was gone, with a promise to return soon after.

USA Networks made quite an event out of the premiere at Comic-Con, where we got a chance to sit down with the cast and hundreds of other fans to watch together. The Emmy-nominated show also recreated sets from the show, designing a Mr. Robot Repair Shop where you could watch the premiere from inside Elliot’s studio apartment on his couch.


For all of you who missed the shared viewing, you can experience the VR piece written and directed by Sam Esmail and starring Emmy nominee Rami Malek from your own couch now.

The VR experience is available for VR headsets like Gear VR, Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive by downloading the Within app. The app is also available for Google Cardboard on Android or iOS.

Just want to check it out in 360° on your desktop, you can also watch on YouTube and Facebook (below).

USA Network partnered up with Chris Milk’s VR studio Within (formerly Vrse) and production company Here Be Dragons to create and present the VR experience.

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