MPC Teases Their First VR Original, GO BABY GO

The Academy Award-winning visual effects studio responsible for some of the most popular branded experiences in VR is now dipping their toes into original VR content creation.

The immersive and experiential VR studio of MPC that was launched back in 2015, has produced a variety of projects over the past year, showing their commitment to the new medium, especially as a platform for advertisers to immerse consumers in unforgettable experiences.


MPC VR Teamed Up with Vrse for U2’s ‘Song for Someone’

The MPC VR team is made up of creatives and technologists spread across their offices in Los Angeles, New York and London, with VR production credits including work on Chris Milk’s interpretation of U2’s “Song for Someone” and movie-ties for Goosebumps with Jack Black and the roughly 20-minute Martian VR experience.

The team is also responsible for the magical spot for Google Tilt Brush and the first Facebook Surround 360 short.

Jack Black Goosebumps Virtual Reality

The Goosebumps VR experience is quite a ride.

MPC VR is now teasing their first MPC VR ORIGINALS production titled “Go Baby Go,” releasing a 360-degree teaser to showcase a taste of their full real-time immersive experience currently in development. Go Baby Go is staged in an alien galaxy, some time in the not too distant future, and features an intergalactic rocket ship and 1971 Dodge challenger hybrid. The story takes you along as you ride to discover new dimensions and seek your ultimate revenge according to MPC VR Executive Producer Tim Dillon.


Screenshot from Go Baby Go teaser.

The project is the brainchild of MPC VR director Rob Petrie and Dillon, who are developing the project from the ground up with a team of MPC artists. The real-time interactive release will be in production for launch later in the year and feature a multitude of new visual techniques being developed specifically for the VR project, said Dillon.

Go Baby Go’s sonic backdrop from Q Department’s Dražen Bošnjak delivers an 80s-infused electro pop anthem featuring VR sound design from Bošnjak’s Sound Technology Company Mach1. Although not much is revealed in the teaser, the stark minimalistic ambience, provocative synth-driven drones and vintage 80’s digital effects, including the unmistakable AMS-RMX “ambience,” makes this one ride we can’t wait to check out.

As MPC continues to evolve their set of tools for both 2D and 3D, the MPC VR team will push into new areas such as motion capture, light field and fully interactive real-time game experiences. And with original content projects like Go Baby Go, MPC VR has a solid testing ground for new visual techniques and storytelling innovations.

Tim Dillon of MPC VR

Tim Dillon of MPC VR

At CES 2016 in January, we got a look at MPC VR’s latest work for the debut of Faraday Future’s technology platform. MPC VR produced the Faraday Future VR experience featuring the FFZERO1 driving through a series of futuristic abstract environments. CES attendees were able to embark on the 360-degree journey during the conference, sitting down and a rocking a Samsung Gear VR headset.

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