Motion Capture NFTs Are Making Their Way To The Metaverse

These aren’t your grandfather’s NFTs.

We’ve seen a lot of unique ideas for NFTs over the past year. Due to the overwhelming popularity of digital collections like Bored Ape and CryptoPunks, it’s easy to forget about the wide range of functional and interactive NFTs currently circulating on the market. This includes Jurassic Punks by Meta-Labs, a relatively new 3D NFT collection that answers the question, what if dinosaurs survived the asteroid?

The collection features a lineup of fashion-forward Jurassic creatures each with its own unique style. Stage 1 of the Jurassic Punks ecosystem is centered around the OG-Rex which comes in a variety of outrageous looks, from a gold-clad billionaire to a metaverse-inspired dino with a mouth full of mountain goat.

Speaking of the metaverse, owners can use their fully-rigged 3D model as an avatar throughout different virtual worlds. The company has already begun partnering with numerous platforms, including Netvrk. Meta-Labs says that the NFTs are compatible with “any game, metaverse, or digital fashion show.” The animations were recorded on a 30,000sq ft, 4 stage film studio in London using Xsens motion capture technology.

Credit: Meta-Labs

But here’s where things get really interesting. Jurassic Punks also features motion capture support powered by ARkit. Owners can control the head movement and facial expressions of their avatars using a compatible Apple smartphone as well as a desktop. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to flex your latest acquisition than during a work meeting on Zoom.

According to the official roadmap, Meta-Labs will release fully-rigged 3D models of the JPunks in Q2 of this year followed by a new line of 3D raptors in Q3. Down the line, the company hopes to launch a dedicated JPunks metaverse, augmented reality applications, and an original P2E 3D game.

For more information on Jurassic Punks visit here. You can also learn more on the official Discord.

Feature Image Credit: Meta-Labs

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