Morehouse College Opens VR Campus Powered By The Oculus Quest 2

Remote students can study men’s health and world history from a virtual classroom.

This week the famed Morehouse College, alma mater of such influential figures as Martin Luther King Jr., Spike Lee, and Senator Raphael Warnock, announced that it will soon be offering two VR classes as part of a new partnership with VR education provider VictoryXR.

Beginning this Spring, students enrolled in Biology 105 (men’s health) taught by Dr. Ethell Vereen or History 112 (world history) taught by Dr. Ovell Hamilton will access their respective classes remotely using an Oculus Quest 2 headset provided directly by Qualcomm. Students are transported to a virtual rendition of the Morehouse campus provided by VictoryXR powered by Engage, a virtual communications platform designed for collaboration, education, and training. Here they can interact with a variety of educational content and collaborate with one another in real-time from any location.

Image Credit: Auganix

“We believe that immersive education through VR is a transformative way to learn,” said Brian Vogelsang, Senior Director of Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “It’s great to see Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program partner, VictoryXR, continue to help scale VR education, especially with an acclaimed college like Morehouse.”

According to Auganix, VictoryXR’s VR classrooms offer students the ability to step inside the human heart, explore historical battlefields, immerse themselves in a life-size model of the solar system, and surround themselves with microscopic atoms.

“Standing together with students and learning about deadly serious health issues with a human reproductive system in the classroom will take learning to a new level. We are very excited to pioneer learning in VR,” said Dr. Vereen.

“Higher ed must not be afraid to take remote learning to a more immersive and effective level,” added Dr. Hamilton.“With this virtual reality campus, students will be able to travel back in time and stand on a naval carrier or travel to places across the globe.”

Image Credit: VictoryXR

Founded in 2016, VictoryXR has since developed over 240 educational VR & AR experiences covering a wide range of topics ranging from molecular biology and astronomy to world history and paleontology just to name a few.

“This partnership gives the rest of the academic world a glimpse into the future of education,” said VictoryXR CEO Steve Grubbs. “These classes will be surprisingly close to those imagined in the book, Ready Player One.”

Feature Image Credit: VictoryXR

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