Mojo Vision’s Smart Contact Lens Puts An AR Display Directly On Your Eyeball

Our mad descent into a cyberpunk dystopia continues with the Mojo Lens.

Earlier today, augmented reality start-up Mojo Vision announced its development of the Mojo Lens, a smart contact lens that promises to revolutionize the way we interact with the world and each other. 

Focusing on an eyes up experience the company refers to as “Invisible Computing,” the Mojo Lens is designed to provide users with relevant information without having to look down at a separate device like a smartphone or computer, thereby keeping the user’s attention focused on their real-world surroundings.

Similar to fictional user interfaces featured in films such as The Terminator and Iron Man, this information is communicated via a built-in AR display projected over the user’s real-world environment. According to those who’ve seen the device in action, the visuals appear as basic green text over the user’s vision; a simple, but no-doubt groundbreaking advancement that could pave the way for more complex imagery in the future. 

Image Credit: Mojo Vision via VentureBeat

So what exactly is powering all these Inspector Gadget-like features? Under the hood, the Mojo Lens houses the Mojo Vision 14K PPI Display, featuring an extremely impressive pixel pitch of over 14,000ppi and a pixel density of over 200Mppi²; a custom wireless radio, motion sensors for image stabilization and eye-tracking, and the world’s most power-efficient image sensor that’s been optimized specifically for computer vision; all adding up to what Mojo Vision claims is “the smallest and densest dynamic display ever made.”

Although the device is still in its research and development phase—the company is currently performing clinical studies under an Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval—Mojo Vision already has plans to assist those suffering from poor vision by using the tech to offer real-time contrast and lighting enhancements. The company hopes this project will help further the eventual implementation of built-in image stabilization and zoom functionality, although little information about these features is available at the moment.

As part of today’s announcement, the company also revealed a partnership with Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired in which the company will work with many of the visually impaired patients currently undergoing rehabilitation at the Palo Alto-based nonprofit in order to refine their technology and provide more effective services for Vista Center clients. 

Image Credit: Mojo Vision

“After extensive research, development, and testing, we are excited to reveal our product plans and begin sharing details about this transformative platform,” said Drew Perkins, CEO at Mojo Vision. “Mojo has a vision for Invisible Computing where you have the information you want when you want it and are not bombarded or distracted by data when you don’t. The technology should be helpful, and it should be available in the moment and fade away when you want to focus on the world around you.”

“The Mojo Lens is the first step in delivering Invisible Computing to the world. We look forward to sharing more information and demonstrating future prototypes as we get closer to bringing our product to market.”

In terms of potential use-cases, the company claims the Mojo Lens will prove immensely useful in both commercial as well as enterprise scenarios. Harnessing the power of “Invisible Computing,” the smart lens has the potential to drastically increase efficiency by allowing both business professionals hands-free access to critical information without disrupting their workflow. When it comes to everyday use, Mojo Lenses could, one day, potentially replace smartphones altogether by offering a more convenient and efficient way of accessing information and communicating with others.

Image Credit: Mojo Vision via Slashgear

Moving forward, the company will be working directly alongside the United States Food & Drug Administration as part of its voluntary Breakthrough Device Program, during which it will receive valuable feedback by the organization to help ensure the device meets specific safety standards. 

As previously stated, the Mojo Lens is currently in its research and development phase and therefore unavailable for purchase at this time. Still, it’s amazing to see this type of technology up-and-running in 2020. With many high-profile companies currently in development of their own AR headsets, it’s clear that augmented reality is poised to become one of the more influenctial technologies of the new decade.

Feature Image Credit: Mojo Vision

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