MLK: Now Is The Time Is Available Now On Meta Quest

You can also watch The March 360, a “digital reenactment” of the 1963 March on Washington.

Available now on Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets, MLK: Now is the Time allows you to experience Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech like never before. Brought to us by TIME Studios and Flight School Studios, the thought-provoking VR experience combines real footage of the historic speech with interactive elements designed to teach you more about the issues raised by Dr. King.

Each topic is represented as an interactive vignette designed to hit you on an emotional level while educating you on important subjects such as housing inequality, voting rights, and policing.

“That speech is a calling on the country to consider a baseline for all its citizens,” said Director Limbert Fabian. “I didn’t want you to only stand and listen to his words—I wanted to start you off with them and then lead you into a discussion about how they feel today. And I wanted to find that with each moment in the speech, we were getting closer to him.”

“One of the amazing things about VR and our metaverse work is that it creates opportunities for transformative learning in a way we’ve never experienced before,” added Roy L. Austin Jr, Meta’s vice president of Civil Rights and Deputy General Counsel. “We can simultaneously document, educate, and experience history in a way that furthers our understanding and progress today.”

“At TIME Studios, we believe immersive storytelling allows us to bring powerful moments in history to new audiences while also illuminating larger societal and global issues,“ said Loren Hammonds, Co-Head of Documentary at TIME Studios. “We are proud to bring the words and message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to a new generation with this groundbreaking VR experience, created alongside Meta and in collaboration with IPM, the exclusive licensor of the MLK Jr. estate.”

MLK: Now is the Time is available now on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets. You can also watch The March 360, a “digital reenactment” of The March on Washington. For more information check out the official announcement here.

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