Mixed Reality Trampolines Look Like An Insanely Good Time

This next-gen trampoline park makes me wish I was a kid again.

Earlier today, Finnish mixed reality company Valo Motion unveiled Jump Theater, a new interactive experience that combines immersive technology with real-world trampolines. Designed for kid-friendly trampoline and activity parks, Jump Theater uses mixed reality technology to immerse kids in a colorful 3D environment where they can play with a variety of virtual objects as they bounce.

“Not all the games need to be competitive. Sometimes it’s more fun to just explore the surroundings without feeling pressure to perform or gain high scores. We can also all relate to the kid who sometimes feels left out when the level of coordination, experience, and competition is too much to keep up with,” said Raine Kajastila, CEO of Valo Motion, in an official release.

In this wacky single-player experience, kids play the role of performers as they take to a virtual stage and use their bodies to interact with everything from props to costumes. The game was inspired by traditional games and party activities, such as pinatas and funhouse mirrors. Based on the footage provided, players can expect to participate in a variety of different games, each one requiring a considerable amount of physical effort.

“We wanted to create something more exploratory and full of experience where players can go nuts with all the AR surroundings, without feeling the pressure of competitiveness,” added Kajastila.” Jump Theater bridges that gap and invites players of all ages and abilities to get exercising and to experience the fun of gaming. The classic piñata theme also makes the game perfect for birthday parties held daily at many activity parks.”

”Overall, I can’t wait for this release. This is going to be a great addition to the Valo Jump game library. It’s great for all ages and a new experience every time,” said Grady Hinchman, Operating Partner at Altitude Trampoline Park Kissimmee in Florida. ”Its replayability is awesome. The graphics are really good and the responsiveness to the jumper is seamless. The user can have a unique experience often with different combinations of gameplay, body, and weapon or accessory.”

”The increased need to use your upper body adds an entirely new physical element to the Valo experience here. Additionally, users that do not have the needed leg strength for optimal trampoline use can still enjoy gameplay using just their arms,“ he added.

I can’t help but feel a little envious of today’s youth. I can only imagine the amount of joy 10-year-old me would get out of this hilarious mixed reality experience. Blending immersive technology with physical activities could be an excellent way to encourage children to get up and move by providing them with entertaining and engaging experiences impossible to replicate just by sitting on the couch.

For more information on Jump Theater and all of Valo Motion’s mixed reality offerings, visit here.

Image Credit: Valo Motion

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