Mixed Reality Comes To Trampoline Parks For the Ultimate Cardio Experience

MR technology blends exercise and gaming to promote fantasy and fitness.

If jumping into a completely 360-degree immersive mixed reality arena to battle space aliens from a far-away galaxy, transporting yourself to alternate dimensions to destroy virtual cosmic glass, or facing off against real-life opponents by hurling a SPLATTERBALL sounds like a good time to you, then allow me to introduce Urban Air Adventure Park!

The world’s first and only ‘Immersive Reality Arena’ features state-of-the-art immersive technology that turns the walls of the play area into an interactive digital playground that will have you going head-to-head with real-world and virtual opponents; all while getting an entertaining cardio workout guaranteed to put a big ol’ grin on any fitness trainers face.

Once you and your opponents enter the mixed reality arena, you are transported inside a fully surrounded 360-degree digital environment with a full 360-degree sound system that doesn’t require any type of headset or AR glasses. Instead, the sensor technology—created by the Urban Air Innovation Lab—brings the interactive digital content to life directly on the walls.

Image Credit: Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Depending on which game you’re playing, the walls will react in a variety of ways. If you’re playing Cosmic Breakout, the wall will shatter as you hit the various cosmic glass to gain points; if you’re playing Alien Invasion, you’ll destroy waves of enemy spaceships from outer space. The trampoline flooring allows you to move in any direction and leap high into the air to throw balls at your opponents or the walls. And as we all know, the high ground offers a better advantage, according to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Every hit can change the gameplay story and even influence players in real-time, with games varying in length from quick mini-games to long theatrical games lasting up to 6 minutes.

Image Credit: Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

In an interview with VRScout, Urban Air Adventure Park CEO, Michael Browning talked about the technology behind the immersive experience:

“The experience is created through a patented gaming engine which leverages projectors and AI to read guest interactions,” adding, “this allows us to integrate balls, swords, stuffed animals, etc, and allows for tactile guest interaction.”

The technology that powers the immersive arena is the same tech that is used in self-driving cars that allows them to read shapes and text.

Urban Air Adventure Park’s Immersive Reality Arena can hold up to 30 guests at once, and the park stresses that the 360- degree experience is not just for little kids; us older folks can go too!! Battle your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, a kid you don’t know, or your spouse!

Image Credit: Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Each player “suits up” simply by wearing an Urban Air ActionBand, an RFID wristband that keeps track of points players earn during their interactive VR battles which they can use to redeem for prizes and rewards at the park.

Games currently available through Urban Air’s Immersive Reality Arena include:

  • Alien Invasion – Aliens from an unknown planet located in the darkest pocket of the galaxy are invading Earth! Gear up and join the Urban Air Anti-Alien SPACEFORCE to defend the Urban Air intergalactic space station!
  • Mad SPLATTERZONE – Team Orange Urban Alley VS Team Purple Urban Alley face-off in Splatoon-inspired battle! Disrupt your opponents’ “SPLATTER” attempts by hurling your SPLATTERBALL at all who oppose you!
  • Cosmic Breakaway – Travel through alternate dimensions and advance levels by destroying layers of cosmic glass. Hurry to make your way back home before time is up. Succeed, and you’ll be welcomed among the exclusive multi-dimension travelers only at Urban Air!
  • Chroma Orb-Bits: – Guests are surrounded by mischievous, colorful bubbles of light called Chroma Orb-Bits! Interact with them as they bounce and fly all around you in the 360degree space.
Image Credit: Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

To keep guests coming back, Urban Air will continue to develop and release new immersive reality games throughout the year. Since their initial launch, the Immersive Reality Arena has become Urban Air’s most popular attraction. The appeal, according to Browning, is that guests are able to experience a whole new world of physical entertainment.

Currently, the Immersive Reality Arena is only available in Urban Air’s Southlake, TX location. However, the Dallas based entertainment company is planning on rolling out their state-of-the-art arenas nationwide with 300 new locations scheduled to open by 2020.

Image Credit: Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

“Mixed reality is the future of Urban Air Adventure Park as it will allow ya to customize gameplay for each consumer as well as release new content and games frequently,” said Browning. 

The company was recently listed in the top 100 of Entrepreneur’s 2019 Top 500 franchise companies in America.

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