Mixed Reality Trains For Quest 2 Look Incredibly Fun

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In a video shared on Reddit earlier this week, independent game studio Foggy Box (Startenders, Brunch Club) shared footage of a prototype VR game called Infinite Trainset which uses the Meta Quest 2’s Passthrough technology to bring virtual train sets to life in the real world.

Using the Touch controllers, players can lay down virtual tracks around their real-world environment to build complex circuits that interact realistically with flat surfaces such as walls and ceilings. Based on the footage provided, it appears as though the game features interactive train stations where you can pick up different passengers.

Other decorations include various houses and shrubbery, which come together to create an immersive mixed reality environment. Moving forward, the developer has a number of interesting features potentially on the way.

Foggy Box teases multiplayer gameplay where each player has a specific amount of resources to build train networks that travel to and from different homes entirely. The developer has also expressed interest in a dedicated mail system, though nothing is set in stone.

The project is being developed internally at the moment with no plans for a public release at the moment. That said, we could certainly see this mixed reality experience going over well with Quest 2 players. Imagine being able to build and manage your own virtual train station that other players can visit remotely with their trains.

The closest thing we have to Infinite Trainset so far is Stunt Track Builder, a Hot Wheels-inspired experience that lets you build your own toy race tracks throughout your real-world environment using Passthrough technology.

Image Credit: Foggy Box

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