‘MissionX’ Arena-Scale VR Laser Tag Out Now On App Lab

Battle friends and family in immersive free-roam battles using your Oculus (Meta) Quest VR headset.

MissionX is a killer arena-scale free-roam VR experience that turns any open space—such as a warehouse, basketball court, backyard, or office space—into a virtual battlefield. The game features five different laser tag arenas in which to do battle, including CS Military Camp, SpaceShip, Pirates Hunter, Snow Town, and Ghost Castle. Each world features its own unique look and offers different challenges. Up to 10 players can battle in any open space up to 32×65 feet.

With multiple game modes available to choose from, MissionX offers a little something for everyone. The primary game mode, Team Deathmatch, has you working alongside up to four teammates to rack more kills than the opposing team. There’s also Capture the Flag, Competitive, and single-player wave-based mode called Coronavirus Killer. The game also supports the bHaptics vest, which adds an additional level of immersion via haptic feedback technology.

Since its launch, Holomia, the company behind MissionX, has been working hard to improve its multiplayer free-roam experience with continual updates. Just recently the team put the finishing touches on a huge update that will go public on November 20th, much earlier than the company expected.

Image Credit: Holomia

The new update brings some cool new features such as:

  • Calorie consumption tracking for all game modes.
  • Fixes to problems regarding health and armor in the Option panel.
  • Improved game map selection, layout, and playtime via PC Spectator Control.
  • Updated player status ingame. 
  • Additional improvements requested by existing player base. 

One of the coolest parts of MissionX is its spectator options. When you’re not playing, you can watch the virtual battle via a monitor. This is a great way to get some intel on your next opponent so you can properly prepare.

There is also a global leaderboard called the Coronavirus-Killer Leaderboard, filled with high scores from teams and players from all around the world. At the moment there are over 29K players registered and almost 29K laser tag missions played. 

MissionX offers several gameplay packages for you to choose from. There’s a “Pay per Minute” as well as “Pay per License.” MissionX doesn’t include hardware, so you will need to provide your own Oculus (Meta) Quest headsets (between 2-10), a wifi router, a monitor, and Windows PC or laptop in order to play. If you’re feeling hesitant, you can request a free trial and give the platform a try before purchasing.

Thanks to its flexibility and low cost-of-entry, MissionX is perfect for a variety of occasions, from holiday parties and family gatherings to team-building exercises and public events.

Image Credit: Holomia

The simplicity of setup is one thing that current players and customers love and find appealing about MissionX. One person wrote a testimonial on the MissionX website, saying, “The setup is simple, so our staff, who don’t possess much technical skill, can still operate the game smoothly.”

The VR Laser Tag MissionX update will be available on November 20th for all subscribers as well as new customers. 

To learn more about Holomia’s MissionX, check out their website

Feature Image Credit: MissionX

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