‘Mission To Mars’ Is A Multiplayer Free-Roam VR Experience With A Scientific Twist

Work together to survive the harsh conditions of Mars in this 15-minute educational adventure.

Location-based entertainment provider SPREE Interactive is launching a brand new multiplayer free-roam experience in which groups of players are tasked with working together to complete a series of challenges in an effort to survive the unforgiving surface of Mars.

Developed in partnership with European mass media broadcaster ProSibenSat.1, VFX studio Pixomondo, and the Forum Schwanthalerhohe mall in Munich, Germany, Mission to Mars is a 15-minute educational adventure combining interplanetary adventure with science. Each game begins with groups of up to 10 players being broken up into smaller teams and assigned specific roles.

Instead of using motion controllers, players interact with the world by looking at specific objects, triggers, and clues. Positional tracking allows players to explore the unforgiving desert environment by physically walking around the play space.

Each activity, whether it be activating a station or watering the food supply, is designed to educate participants on the many environmental dangers of Mars, including massive sand storms. Mission to Mars will also be accompanied by an educational narrative from ProSieben’s Galileo, a popular science show.

“Adding the SPREE Arena and the Mission to Mars experience to our Summer Holiday offerings is very exciting for us,” said Lars Sammann, centre manager of the Forum Schwanthalerhohe. “We are always looking for fun and unique ways to attract new guests. It’s a great family experience and we are sure our guests will be delighted.”

Mission to Mars will be open to the public August 6th to the 31st at the Forum Schwanthalerhohe shopping mall in Munich, Germany. Powered by SPREE Arena LBE technology, the experience can be installed at a variety of public locations, such as museums, libraries, and virtually any other educational institution with the appropriate amount of open floor space.

Image Credit: SPREE Interactive

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