Mindshow Announces Open Beta at VRLA, Set for Q3 2017

Get ready to create and share your own animated movies in VR.

As I put on the headset and watched the tutorial at Mindshow’s VRLA demo booth, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Perhaps some dancing, some singing—something mildly entertaining that I’d enjoy but soon forget. Running around a desert planet in the body of a lime-green extraterrestrial, speaking and gesturing to a human visitor (who I feared would either kill me or drop dead of a heart attack at the sight of my face), I realized I’d really landed on a planet I’d never imagined. Mindshow delivers a groundbreaking storytelling experience, and regardless of who you are, it’s bound to be unforgettable.

The easy-to-use creation software allows users to create, star in, and film their very own animated 3D cartoons. Users can choose from a number of avatars to “jump” into—an alien, a cat, a pig, and a number of other humanoid(ish) creatures among them—before performing a scene with another avatar. When the scene is over, the user takes over the role of director as they use a virtual camera to choose what angles to include in a final cut that is shareable with friends and via social media.

The innovative storytelling software has been on every VR-enthusiast’s lips since its announcement last year, but until now, it’s only been accessible via permission to a closed alpha. But in a few short months, the platform will be available to a much larger audience. After much anticipation, Mindshow revealed yesterday morning at VRLA that the open beta has been officially set for a Q3 2017 launch—with all new characters, sets, and functionality.

Mindshow Cofounder Jonnie Ross said he and the other founders had one question in mind when exploring what their place was in the ever-expanding VR space: “What is the most profound thing we can do for people?”

They found the answer lay in Mindshow’s ability to inspire people of all backgrounds to forget their problems for a minute or two and enter a world full of creativity and inspiration.

“Hopefully some really interesting things would happen,” Ross said. “And it’s happening.”

The latest announcement is huge for the company; the open beta launch will allow Mindshow to further their original vision by reaching and inspiring thousands across the globe—literally. As Ross put it, the open beta means that, “anyone in the world can download it without having to ask permission.”

While awaiting the open beta launch, those interested in testing out their acting or directing chops can sign up for the closed alpha. VRLA attendees can do so by stopping by the Mindshow display, but if you didn’t make the convention, fear not; you can claim your spot on the waitlist here.

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