The Mind Blowing VR Quill Painting By Goro Fujita

The immersive artist is at it again; this time with Oculus Story Studio’s Quill.

Back in July, artist Goro Fujita showed us the future of creativity using Oculus’ virtual sculpting tool Medium. The sculpting platform uses the company’s Touch controllers that just launched on Tuesday, letting you design beautiful creations in an intuitive and natural way. And where Medium gives you infinite possibilities to sculpt whatever your heart desires from clay, Oculus’ painting app, Quill, brings you an infinite canvas to paint dream worlds, within dream worlds.

Showing us the full potential of Quill and the how big this infinite canvas can actually be, Fujita is at it again with a new teaser for his latest “Worlds in Worlds” painting. “What if there was a world within a world within a world within a world,” Fujita commented on Facebook. “By zooming in and out of the worlds I created, I blew my own mind.”

Quill is similar to Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive, giving you a virtual palette and tools to create in a 3D space. But what Fujita is showing us is an entirely new level of immersive art.

The Quill piece was created over the course of four days with the teaser video slowly revealing the artist’s stunning work in creating worlds within worlds. You start off zooming into a tiny planet where a pair of aliens are holding up a glass ecosphere. The camera continues to zoom into the globe, unearthing a human world frozen in time as a curious boy holds another world in his hands. We zoom in further to this new world, transporting ourselves to an animal world with a rabbit quietly sleeping in a tree. We zoom in even further to reveal a world where an ant on a flower is playing a guitar, with an insect audience gathered around. The teaser video ends by zooming out off all the worlds — mind blown.


In the words of Fujita, you’ll just “have to experience this in VR to be able to fully appreciate it.”

If you’re looking to get started using Quill to create your own infinite canvas world, Oculus has shared a few introduction tutorial videos that cover moving, scaling, brushes and layers in the YouTube playlist below:

Are you an artist creating in Medium, Quill, or Tilt Brush and live in the LA area? Tweet us your art, we’d love to see it.

Image Credit: Goro Fujita

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