The Mind Blowing Oculus Medium Art of Goro Fujita

This artist is showing us the future of creativity with virtual sculpting.

When we first tried Oculus’ new tool Medium at Connect last Fall, we were blown away by how intuitive and natural sculpting in VR could be. The sculpting system uses the company’s Touch hand controllers, giving you full control to create whatever you can dream up of. And its amazing.

Much like Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive, Medium gives you a virtual palette and tool to create in a 3D space. But instead of painting with a brush like Tilt Brush, Medium lets you create, sculpt and build with a material that acts and looks like clay.

For the most part, everyone demoing Medium would sculpt a 3D face or maybe a potted plant. They weren’t that great, but clearly the tool could be used for much more elaborate work.

So what happens when you let an Art Director at Oculus Story Studio who also happens to be a children’s book illustrator go nuts in Medium?

Goro Fujita happens.

Having worked over a decade professionally creating animated movies, commercials, children’s books and mobile games, Fujita has found a new medium and is giving us a taste of what Medium art can look like if used as a professional VR creation tool.

Speaking with VRScout, Fujita says that he spends no more than an hour on each Medium sculpture and that it can be much more intuitive than other digital modeling techniques. Fujita shared,

In a way it’s even more intuitive than sculpting with real clay. Being able to grab your model, scale it to the size you like for adding details all the way to spray painting it by grabbing the model with one hand and spraying with the other is just something you weren’t able to do before. It’s a truly magical experience and removes almost all the technical barriers that traditional software packages have and it lets you focus on what you want to create. Things can only get better from here and I can’t wait to see the work of artists all over the world once Medium is released.

So what’s Fujita most excited about creating in Medium next? Directly 3D printing sculptures. We can’t wait to see that!

Here are samples Fujita has been regularly sharing on Instagram and Twitter. Make sure you give him some love!


Even some sculpting of Oculus friends Brian Sharp and Lydia Choy.

This lighting.

Hip-Hop doodling.


Thumbs up Goro Fujita!

He also has a Patreon page as well if you would like to support his art.

Image Credit: Goro Fujita

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