Microsoft Moves to Augmented Reality with HoloLens Headset

microsoft-holo-lens AR

Microsoft is a leading company when it comes to technological advancements, but some were surprised to see Microsoft ditch the latest in wearable virtual reality headsets and instead go the way of Holograms with HoloLens headset.

Unlike virtual reality devices that try to immerse the users in a sense real presence, the technology Microsoft has been developing is principally focused on an intersection of real environments. This new venture that uses a headset called a HoloLens will supposedly bring augmented reality experiences to life. For example, the technology essentially places an overlay on real environments that will enable the user to transform their living rooms into maps of the game “Minecraft”, or let architects take clients through new constructions or scientists tour Mars.

When using the HoloStudio software, HoloLens users can also create their own holograms that can then be produced using 3D printers.


The device has obvious uses for Hollywood and content creators, and Microsoft announced the product this week as a way to get the content community thinking about possible concepts to produce and have ready when the first headsets get into the hands of consumers later this year.

Microsoft chief Satya Nadella, when speaking at a press event in Redmond, Wash mentioned that there are around 1.5 billion users of Windows in the world. He said, “We want to move people from using Windows to choosing Windows to loving Windows”.

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