A Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality Mannequin Challenge

Microsoft just used their HoloLens for the first mixed reality Mannequin Challenge.

Challenge accepted. Microsoft is jumping on board 2016’s biggest meme that first appeared on Twitter in the form of #MannequinChallenge, where groups of users created short video clips of themselves pretending to be mannequins as a camera moves through the frozen scene.

Like most popular memes such as the Harlem Shake or Ice Bucket Challenge, eventually brands and corporations join in to produce their own versions. #MannequinChallenge is no exception, where we’ve already seen Sesame Street take us on set of the popular children’s show and NFL teams giving fans some unique access to players.

Now the large corporation that is Microsoft is bringing us their own version of #MannequinChallenge but with their own unique twist. The software maker is using HoloLens to make make virtual objects like pancakes and a dragon stand still alongside its employees during the video. The merging of virtual objects and real life is what Microsoft calling their version of “mixed reality.” As seen in the video above, the team also created a hologram that includes George Takei as he watches one of the monitors.

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