Metaverse Safety Week Aims To Safeguard The Virtual World

The third annual awareness campaign will take place remotely inside an exclusive virtual world.

Metaverse Safety Week 2022 is set to take place later this year, offering attendees the chance to hear from lawmakers, business executives, and technology leaders as they discuss the regulations and standards required to build a safer metaverse.

Founded by XR Safety Initiative (XRSI), a global non-profit organization dedicated to building safe and inclusive immersive experiences, the week-long virtual conference will be accessible to the public remotely via an exlcusive virtual world. Here you’ll be able to attend a variety of speaker panels covering a wide range of important topics, from human rights in the metaverse to policy and government.

Here’s a full breakdown of the week, as provided by XRSI:

  • Day #1 (Dec. 10) – Human Rights
  • Day #2 (Dec. 12) – Digital Culture, Arts & Media
  • Day #3 (Dec. 13) – Child Safety & Children’s Rights
  • Day #4 (Dec. 14) – MedicalXR & Immersive Healthcare
  • Day #5 (Dec. 15) – Policy, Trust & Governance

“The technology industry represents the most concentrated corporate power in the world and one of the most powerful forces in modern history,” says the official website. “We can’t build a better Internet, unless we learn from the mistakes of the past, innovate responsibly, and join forces together in a shared effort to create an Open, Safe, and Inclusive Metaverse.”

Metaverse Safety Week 2022 will take place December 10th – 15th. As previously stated, the event will be hosted remotely inside an “exclusively created Virtual World.” Those interested in attending can secure a free ticket here.

XRSI is also offering several sponsorship opportunities. More information on those here.

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